Nestlé Toll House's New Chocolate Treats Are Perfect For Bakers

If you're a beginner baker, there's no better treat to start with than a simple yet classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. Of course, there are tons of different ways to make chocolate chip cookies, and home bakers all have their preferences when it comes to the chocolate itself. Whether you like dozens of mini chocolate chips studding each cookie, larger chocolate chunks that ooze with each bite, or broken-up bits of chocolate bars featuring nuts and other add-ins, there are plenty of store-bought ingredients to lend texture and body to your favorite recipes. Soon, Nestlé Toll House will be rolling out another enhancement option for chocolate chip cookies, according to a press release sent to Mashed.

Leading up to Valentine's Day, Nestlé Toll House launched ready-to-bake brownies, but for this coming summer, it's reintroducing its bite-sized filled baking truffles in two different flavors. Available in grocery stores across the country this June, the miniature chocolate treats are meant to be snacked on alone or added to cookies for extra gooeyness.

What flavors are Toll House's new baking truffles?

The new truffles from Nestlé Toll House contain more than just chocolate. According to the announcement sent to Mashed, the baking truffles have chocolate shells and two different fillings: chocolate lava cake and caramel dulce de leche. They'll be sold in 8-ounce bags for a suggested price of $3.99, and the packaging is resealable for those returning to the truffles for snacking and baking projects.

In the comments section of Toll House's Instagram post about the upcoming products, bakers seemed to be excitedly imagining their future cookie-making sessions. One person commented, "The dulce de leche would be such a balanced flavor in cookies!!!" and another user wrote, "Chocolate lava cake! Take my money, all the money!" To another who asked where in stores the truffles will be found this summer, Nestlé directed them to look by the brand's other morsel products.