The Number Of Twix Bars Sold Every Year Will Blow You Away

If you claim Twix as your candy bar of choice, you may have to accept the fact that you are among the many anglophiles in the United States. But don't worry, according to the Candy Store blog, you are in good company. Mega music stars Harry Styles and Adele are also huge fans of Twix. We know what you are thinking: they are actually English. Well, so is the Twix, kind of. 

According to The Daily Meal, Twix candy bars were actually birthed in the United Kingdom 55 years ago. These cookies covered in caramel and chocolate made their way to the U.S. in 1979. The food site explains these treats were actually called Raiders, but the name Twix is actually a nod to the British abbreviation for biscuits – think Ted Lasso – coupled with the fact that this candy bar has 2 bix, or twins. Hence the name: Twix. Who knew this candy bar had such a fascinating history? Perhaps the only thing more interesting is the ridiculous number of these confections that are sold each year. In fact, we think the number might blow you away, or, at the very least, make you hungry for a Twix.

The sixth most popular candy bar in the U.S.

Empirically speaking, it is safe to say we like Twix candy bars. According to the blog 24-7 Wall St., the candy bar company Mars, Inc. sold 161,715,900 Twix bars in 2012. They note this is twice as many as how many Milky Ways were sold. Twix sales also raked in a cool $193,999,300. Cha-ching! This beautiful double candy bar also filled spot number six for the most popular candy bars in the United States. 

These numbers really aren't surprising. Twix candy bars are so beloved, they've even found their way into the other iconic dessert, McDonald's McFlurry. And while the original Twix is a purist favorite, the makers of this sweet have not been afraid to modify it, changing the biscuit to chocolate instead of vanilla, and the caramel to a creamy cookies and cream, peanut butter, gingerbread, or mint flavor to reach other taste buds and preferences, while maintaining the basic concept of the candy bar (via Chocolate Brands List). And a fun fact about this candy bar, per UK blog Vegan Card, is that even vegetarians can enjoy noshing on a Twix; but sorry vegans, Twix contains chocolate which contains cow's milk.