Smashburger Just Dropped Your Childhood Favorite Menu Item

Love chicken tenders? Whether you're the parent of a picky eater or just want to relive some childhood nostalgia, there might be folks out there looking for some TLC ("Tender Lovers' Chicken," of course). We've ranked fast food chicken tenders, and we've ranked 12 types of frozen chicken tenders. While there are plenty of options out there already, fast food chains keep expanding their menus, and that can mean even more ways to grab an order of tenders. Smashburger is known for burgers — after all, it's in the name — but it has grown its list of options for chicken lovers.

Smashburger's spicy chicken sandwich is being joined by poultry pals. In a press release, Smashburger recently announced that customers can now order two types of chicken tenders that are joining the permanent menu at the burger chain: Adult Chicken Tenders and Scorchin' Hot Chicken Tenders. Perhaps just as importantly for some fans, it lets them choose from something other than the kids' menu.

Smashburger chicken tenders aren't just for the kids' menu anymore

Per Smashburger's press release, Adult Chicken Tenders are your typical tender while the hot chicken tenders have Smashburger's Nashville Scorchin' Hot seasoning on them. Order sizes come in three or five pieces, and of course, the chain has a selection of dipping sauces to choose from, including BBQ, Ranch, and Honey Mustard. 

Previously, Smashburger only had chicken strips as an option on the kid's menu. And based on the chain's website, they're still available. Twitter user @ChesterShawn81 posted about this in 2020, complaining, "serious issue with the @Smashburger menu. Why do I have to order a kid's meal to get some chicken tenders? I didn't want the fries or apple juice I got with the order." Another Twitter user, @babiesneeze, had a similar request in 2016: "Can you put chicken tenders on the regular menu, i hate ordering them from the kids menu." Smashburger cheekily responded, "Trust us, adults order them more often than you think."

Whether adults just also love chicken tenders or want to relive their childhood fast food order, it looks like they had been hoping for chicken tenders on Smashburger's regular, grownup menu for a while. The chain is clearly hoping its new tenders will fulfill people's chicken cravings. But it also has news for customers who prefer fish For a limited time, they can order the fan-favorite Beer Battered Pacific Cod Sandwich.