The Creative Way Alex Guarnaschelli Prepares Cereal

Monday, March 7 marked National Cereal Day — but, really, the food staple is celebrated pretty much every day by people who enjoy the quick and simple breakfast or snack. Since there are so many types on the market, pretty much everyone can find a brand that they enjoy — in fact, 23% of people agree that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is their favorite. However, there's still plenty of controversy regarding how people eat it.

One hot topic of debate is whether you should put the cereal or the milk in the bowl first, though there's a good reason why many pour milk on top. In previous times, doing so would soften granula, an earlier version of the cereals we know today. But now, people are pretty split on what goes first.

Celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli even tweeted her stance on the debate when Food Network posed the question to their followers. Writing in all caps, Guarnaschelli clearly chose cereal to go first. But there's a lot more that goes into her bowl as she revealed — and those with a sweet tooth may want to try her method.

What does Alex Guarnaschelli eat with her cereal?

So how exactly does a chef prepare their cereal? (Are there really other ways to make a bowl?) It's not totally a fancy preparation, but culinary star Alex Guarnaschelli has a creative take. She told My Recipes that her mom would only buy granola when she was younger. Now, as an adult, she prefers "junky cereal," and — in college — she would top it off with a scoop of ice cream and two cups of skim milk, which she describes becomes "like a giant sundae."

According to Food Network, Guarnaschelli also gave her seal of approval for one of TikTok's recent trends wherein some people would put cereal in the freezer (just dry, sans milk) to keep the texture extra crunchy. Guarnaschelli gave it a try with Apple O's and gave the method two thumbs up.

If you're thinking of other ways to switch up your cereal game, try mixing two different kinds together. And, if you only want to buy one box, General Mills already did the work for you by combining Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.