Rachael Ray's Dog Watched Her On TV And Instagram Can't Handle It

There's something special about a favorite celebrity letting you into their personal life through a picture of something that means a lot to them. Sometimes that can be a picture of a family member, like the sweet photos Duff Goldman shares of his baby, but other times, it can be a picture of their pet. Some celebrity pets, like Martha Stewart's cats, or Bobby Flay's cat Nacho, even end up with a following of their own.

Fans of Rachael Ray, known for her eponymous talk show and "30 Minute Meals," recently found out that they're not the only ones who love the television cook and star. That's because Ray posted a picture to her Instagram of her dog Bella, who was sitting in her dressing room at the studio where "The Rachael Ray Show" is filmed. The picture showed Bella sitting and attentively watching her "parents" on the television in the dressing room and fans got a huge kick out of seeing that Bella seems to like "The Rachael Ray Show" just as much as they do.

Rachael Ray's fans love Bella

Ray and her husband, John Cusimano, have always been dog lovers, and Bella Boo Blue joined their family in 2020, after the passing of their much-loved pup Isaboo. It seems like fans are just as smitten with Bella as Ray and Cusimano, and seeing how the dog paid rapt attention to her human parents on TV had people in their feels.

"So smart [and] cute," one fan said in the comments section of Ray's Instagram post. "Adorable, so focused," said another. Some speculated what was going through Bella's mind as she watched Ray and Cusimano on the screen. "She was hoping you were making something for her to eat," surmised one commenter, while another said, "She's waiting for leftovers." The photo has more than 8,500 likes from fans, and though there were lots of different comments, this one seems to sum up the overall vibe: "She deserves some treats for being so good." 

Seeing as Ray has her own line of pet food, it seems pretty likely that Bella got a tasty treat or two after the show.