The Time Gordon Ramsay's Daughter Made Him Cry In The Kitchen

If the only side of Gordon Ramsay that you've ever encountered is his ranting rageaholic persona from "Hell's Kitchen," you'll be relieved to know that he doesn't spend his entire life flinging expletives like soul-piercing ninja stars or smashing undercooked salmon with his bare hands. The truth is that this culinary genius with the crusty exterior possesses quite a sweet, mushy center (although it would likely pain him to admit it). 

Ramsay's fans have seen him trek around the globe in a quest to save sharks — his daughter Matilda's favorite animal — in his documentary, "Shark Bait." He has mentored failing restauranteurs and hoteliers, opening his heart and his wallet in order to help them succeed on "24 Hours To Hell & Back" and "Hotel Hell." He has shared his cooking tips and mentored aspiring young chefs on "MasterChef Junior."

And even on "Hell's Kitchen," he has offered meaningful encouragement to promising contestants. Yes, avid fans have come to learn that Gordon Ramsay isn't always scary. And his heartstrings don't require a whole lot of tugging to transform him into Jell-O.  

Gordon Ramsay has a soft, gooey center

Peruse Gordon Ramsay's Instagram account and you will see that he has a huge soft spot for his kids. And yes, they have the power to make him shed a tear or two. He shared one such moment with Bon Appetit, saying that his then 13-year-old daughter, Matilda, had made a vegetarian cheeseburger for her television show, "Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch." She was distraught over the fact that it wasn't pretty enough for the small screen.

Ramsay said he explained that burgers aren't supposed to be glamorous. He goes on to add, "That brought tears to my eyes; she cared so much about the burger and the garnish... For anyone to be that precious at 13 about food...I was very proud of her." 

Matilda, a.k.a. "Tilly," has since gone on to compete in MasterChef Australia and BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, as well as publishing a cookbook, "Tilly's Kitchen Takeover." And Gordon Ramsay is surely sitting in the wings, cheering for her every success with tears in his eyes.