Instagram Is Drooling Over Amanda Freitag's Classic Patty Melt

If you drank a little too much over the weekend, you might be looking for the right hangover cure. We've done our research into what bartenders say about curing a hangover. (Hint: Lots of hydration is involved.) If you're a fermented veggie lover, eating pickles could help you recover from a hangover, too. And if you're hungry for something more substantial, there are a number of greasy breakfasts guaranteed to cure your hangover, such as one option by chef Amanda Freitag.

Freitag recently posted a TikTok video showing how she makes her patty melts. In the caption, she said, "Nothing cures the Mondays (or a hangover) like a patty melt. Fun fact: this was a favorite in my NYC diner!" Freitag's patty melt includes a pile of caramelized onions, cheddar and American cheeses, and of course, the burger patty itself. She serves her sandwich on rye bread, and the finishing touch is toasting it in the pan with a couple of pats of butter. If this is making you hungry, you're not alone.

This patty melt might make a hangover not so bad

Freitag also shared her patty melt recipe on Instagram, where it definitely resonated with fans. Some were ready to use it as a post-St. Patrick's Day hangover cure. "This looks amazing..... I'll have a side of beer with this for the hangover," one person said, while a TikTok user joked, "All of a sudden I have a hangover." Drinking-induced headaches or not, some people just seemed to be ready for a comfort food recommendation. "This is the recipe I've been WAITING FORRRRR," one comment reads.

If you're ready to make Freitag's patty melt for yourself, you could follow her recipe to a T or find inspiration in some social media users' twists. One commenter wrote, "Patty melts are my favorite, I like American and Swiss," while another said, "Just made these with leftover meatloaf and Swiss cheese." Whatever cheese you use, just avoid common patty melt mistakes, like rushing the caramelized onions or not using rye bread.