Little Caesars Just Brought Back A Fan-Favorite Cheesy Appetizer

While the company might be known for Pizza Pizza, Little Caesars debuted its now-iconic Crazy Bread in 1982. Whether people ate that garlic, parmesan, and butter-forward bready delight on their own or dipped in sauce, it has become a quintessential pairing to many people's pizza order. In 2020, a company statement revealed that "if you lined up all the Crazy Bread sold in a year it would circle the earth three times." Still, Little Caesars appreciates that menu items need to evolve to keep people engaged. From limited-time offerings like the Batman Calzone to pepperoni pizza, the reality is that both new and reimagined favorites entice customers to make another purchase.

As reported by Brand Eating, Little Caesars has brought back the Stuffed Crazy Bread. The ooey, gooey cheesy menu item has returned to the menu and while menu prices may vary, the suggested price is $3.99 for three pieces and marinara dipping sauce. In addition, it is available as part of a Stuffed Crazy Bread Meal Deal. For $10.49, the food bundle includes a classic pizza and a bottle of soda.

What's so tasty about Little Caesars Stuffed Crazy Bread?

When Little Caesars launched Stuffed Crazy Bread in 2020, the response was overwhelmingly positive. While the image almost looked like a skinny Hot Pocket, the reality is that Jim Gaffigan might be willing to scorch his mouth on this freshly baked delight. Basically, the classic Crazy Bread has a warm cheese center, almost like the "stuffed crust" on a pizza.

Previously, Daym Drops reviewed the menu item on YouTube when it first appeared. While he appreciated the parmesan forward flavor, he longed for a more garlicky, buttery flavor on the sticks. Based on some of the replies to the video, it might have been a fluke. Still, some former employees shared a few secrets about that special offering in the comments as well. From a little extra salt in the parmesan to this menu idea stemming from the stuffed crust pizza, it seems that sometimes a little inside knowledge can help set the appetite for that first bite. However you prefer to eat the Stuffed Crazy Bread, it's back on the menu if you're ready to embrace the cheese once again.