Gordon Ramsay Has Harsh Words For This TikTok Salmon Recipe

While Gordon Ramsay might have made his name as a chef on cooking TV shows, he's also built a fanbase on social media. On his TikTok account, the celebrity chef often reacts to cooking videos, and he uses the hashtag #ramsayreacts. The "Kitchen Nightmares" host is noted for his critiques, and teen chef Matthew Merril's feelings about getting roasted by Ramsay on TikTok were ultimately positive because it was "hilarious" and brought attention to his account.

One of Ramsay's recent reaction videos featured TikTok creator @bayashi.tiktok, who actually wanted to see Gordon Ramsay's impression of the dish and tagged Ramsay in the first video. The original video shows the cook coating a piece of salmon in flour, egg, and panko, then deep-frying the fish. Then, the cook cuts up the fish and adds sauce over it before taking a bite.

Wondering what Ramsay thought of this dish? In his TikTok duet, Ramsay is not pleased with the deep-fried salmon, exclaiming "It's already oily!" Then, when the salmon comes out of the pan and is cut up, Ramsay says that the salmon is raw. According to Ramsay's caption, this salmon is "ruined." However, it seems that other users on TikTok think differently.

TikTok users disagree with Ramsay's take

Although plenty of TikTok users agreed with Ramsay's reviews in the past, many people disagree with his video response to this fried salmon dish. One person wrote, "Ramsay this is the first time i'm gonna disagree with u i'm sorry bro." Another person said, "Not gonna cap that looks pretty good."

In fact, TikTok users defended the original poster, saying that the dish was prepared correctly and that Ramsay's criticism of the dish being raw wasn't accurate. For example, a commenter said, "Not raw It's sushi." While the original poster @bayashi.tiktok didn't say exactly what the dish was supposed to be, the creator also has a YouTube cooking channel and seems to know their way around the kitchen.

Despite Ramsay's harsh words, @bayashi.tiktok was undeterred. The creator left a comment on Ramsay's duet saying, "Finally!! I am so honored !!!!" It's clear that @bayashi.tiktok took this in stride, and it turns out, Ramsay isn't immune to being roasted for his food decisions, either. A TikToker roasted Ramsay's grilled cheese and the restaurateur showed off his humorous side in his response.