Twitter Is Cracking Up At Padma Lakshmi's Hot Food Take

There are a lot of controversial food opinions out there. Something you enjoy might make someone else recoil, and there are even some food combinations we wish would go away, like pickles and chocolate. Redditors have also shared the junk food they'll eat but never serve to friends or family. Now Twitter is once again crackling with the hottest takes about food.

A recent tweet prompted people to respond with the food takes that would get them canceled, and plenty of users were eager to chime in with their thoughts — including celebrity chefs like Padma Lakshmi. She's got a hot take related to hot dogs, but it's not about whether a hot dog is considered a sandwich.

Lakshmi quote tweeted, "Bologna is a mega hot dog." She doesn't expand her idea more, but we're guessing that it's because both hot dogs and bologna are processed meats and have similar textures. Plus, if you don't slice bologna, it really does resemble a thicker hot dog.

What's Twitter saying about Lakshmi's bologna thought?

Do you agree with Lakshmi? If you do, you're not alone. In the comments of Padma Lakshmi's tweet, one person wrote, "I was just trying to explain Bologna. Thank you!!" Similarly, another person felt the same way, and seems to have eaten their fair share of both meat products. This person commented, "Grew up eating cold hot dogs (no bun) and took a bologna sandwich in my lunch box to school everyday. I concur. Exactly the same."

If you don't eat hot dogs cold, then you might not agree with Lakshmi's hot take. A Twitter user responded to Lakshmi with, ""Noo bologne is bologne, show me a hot dog that frys like bologne hahaha, hot dogs dont get the fun bubble in the middle." Frying bologna makes it crisp and might resemble bacon a bit more than a hot dog. If you haven't eaten bologna like this, try making a gourmet fried bologna sandwich.

Despite the original tweet that asked about food takes that would get you canceled, fans are responding well to Lakshmi's bologna and hot dog comparison. Want to learn more about Lakshmi's food opinions? Her feelings about pizza are totally relatable.