Sunny Anderson Reveals 'What 47 Looks Like' In Pre-Birthday Video

Quite a few birthdays have passed since Sunny Anderson entered the culinary world. She first appeared on Food Network in 2005, and now she has been on numerous other cooking shows as a host or a judge. She has made a real splash with her creative recipes and upbeat personality.

One of her best-known gigs, "The Kitchen," doubles as a talk show. Her interactions with her co-hosts allowed her personality to truly shine, as do the fun looks Anderson rocks from time to time. She's also always very real with her fans, speaking honestly about her struggles with ulcerative colitis and how they impacted her diet. And who can forget Anderson's elation over wearing a pair of jeans?

Her latest Instagram post gives fans yet another peek into Anderson's life, this time into her mindset as she prepares to celebrate her 47th birthday. Both her video and its caption make it quite clear that this bubbly chef is just as optimistic as ever. Let's take a look, shall we? 

'Life is something else' for Sunny Anderson

On April 8, Sunny Anderson posted a video to Instagram that shows her having a self-care moment with a face mask. "Can you tell I'm crying?" she asks before panning around the room to show fans the birthday balloons, decorations, and basket of gardening goodies that her work family had left there for her. "It's been a crazy year, I'm so excited for 47," she says, getting up close to her mirror. "This is what 47 looks like!"

In her caption, Anderson expresses her gratitude for life, even if it's sometimes a little tough. "I'm so truly thankful for this gift," she writes. "Wow. Life is something else. I can't wait for 47 tomorrow!" Her fellow Food Network stars wished her a happy birthday in the comments, as did many of her fans. Others thanked her for being herself and wished her the best year yet. The post got more than 6,000 likes and a whopping 800+ comments, all of which this queen of course deserves.