Mario Lopez Names The One Chef He'd Want To Cook Him Dinner - Exclusive

How much easier would life be if a Food Network chef was cooking you dinner every night? Although that may be a reality for some, most foodies can only dream of having Gordon Ramsay in their kitchens making his famous beef wellington. Whether it's Robert Irvine, Padma Lakshmi, or Geoffery Zakarian, you couldn't go wrong with wanting to taste their cooking skills. Even Mario Lopez himself has a dream chef.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Lopez revealed his food must-haves and why he continues to venture into the food business. The "Saved by the Bell" actor's most current projects include a delivery-only Mexican restaurant, a partnership with Chips Ahoy!, his MarioChelada cocktail mix product line, and his own tequila brand, Casa México Tequila. One can only wonder how Mario has time to spend in the kitchen with a packed portfolio like this! Lopez also revealed the one chef he'd want to cook him dinner — and it's a good one.

Mario Lopez is a fan of Chef Ludo Lefebvre

If you are a food television enthusiast, then you may have the same dream chef as Mario Lopez. The "Extra" host said, "There's a lot, but I'm probably going to go with Chef Ludo Lefebvre [...] The French chef. He does 'Rat in the Kitchen.'" The Hulu show gathers chefs to compete in a cooking competition, but one chef is selected to be the saboteur of the kitchen. The competitors then have to guess who the "rat" is. Sounds like good television.

Lopez's passion for food doesn't end there, as he recently paired up with Chips Ahoy! on the Follow Your Art campaign, featuring limited-edition cookies with packages designed by teen artists. The brand will be donating $1 million over the time span of three years to the Boys & Girls Club of America, which Lopez was a part of growing up. Lopez told Mashed, "I've been a proud ambassador for years and I love the programs that they support, including this one, where they're harnessing happy." Maybe he will grab some of these new Chips Ahoy! cookies for dessert after Chef Ludo Lefebvre cooks him dinner.

Visit the Chips Ahoy! Follow Your Art website to learn more about the campaign and sweepstakes.