The Surprising Ingredient Nick Jonas Adds To Tuna Salad

Nick Jonas is a singer, actor, tequila entrepreneur, judge of NBC's "The Voice," and...tuna enthusiast. True Jonas Brothers fans may be aware of the many fan-produced videos about the music group on YouTube, where Nick Jonas' "tuna adventures" Instagram video from 2018 can be viewed for your enjoyment. In the video, he prepares a quick and comforting tuna salad recipe from his kitchen — and it's easy to understand why. Tuna salad may be one of the simplest recipes you can prepare for a fast lunch, healthy dinner, or light snack. It requires few utensils and ingredients and is also affordable and convenient, especially because you can use precooked canned tuna for your sandwich or wrap.

The first step to making a JoBro-style tuna salad, as Jonas explains so poetically in his tutorial, is to "get this beautiful tuna out of its can and into its new home," AKA the bowl. Once the tuna is in the bowl, most recipes recommend adding mayonnaise (or Greek yogurt or another mayonnaise substitute), diced red onion, chopped celery, and sometimes parsley or carrot. Finally, salt and pepper to taste. Jonas respects these basics but skips the veggies, and then he surprises his followers with a secret touch that adds the spicy flavor he's known to love.

Nick Jonas adds hot sauce to his tuna salad

Nick Jonas loves spicy popcorn, so it's no surprise that he finishes his signature tuna salad with a few drops of Cholula hot sauce. Evidently, that mildly sweet and spicy flavor upgrades the tuna salad experience, as we can see in Jonas' eyes when he tastes it at the end of the video. He recommends doing your taste test with a clean fork before serving to make sure you've been "intentional with your hot saucing." "S.O.S," we need to give it a try soon.

Classic tuna salad can be a blank canvas for your own creativity, as Jonas has shown. If you ask some people, the secret ingredient you should be adding to your tuna salad is sugar to enhance the fish's savory flavor, or even cilantro or hard-boiled eggs. "Each person is entitled to their own tuna journey, and today you're seeing mine," Jonas says in the video, explaining that it's all about having a "personal connection" with the tuna. His intuition drives him to hot sauce, and why not? Cholula is dabbed on everything from scrambled eggs and burgers to nachos and soups. Now we can add tuna salad to the list, as well as another treat...

Jonas also add hot sauce to tequila cocktails

Everyday lunches aren't the only thing Nick Jonas upgrades with hot sauce. The artist is also known to use the condiment in cocktails. As reported by BuzzFeed, Jonas is a talented bartender with a creative mixology style. A cocktail he named The Bodega features rum, club soda, mango iced tea, and a pinch of...yes, Cholula hot sauce! He finishes it with an acidic punch of squeezed lime and orange.

WanderEater reports that Nick Jonas' tequila, Villa One, is the key ingredient in his preferred version of a Bloody Mary, which is called a Bloody Maria. The spicy, red-colored daytime drink combines savory spices, Worcestershire sauce, lemon, and tomato juice. Jonas keeps it extra hot with Tabasco and Tapatio hot sauces and a jalapeño garnish. Sounds delicioso! If you're intrigued (but not an adept mixologist), there's a chance you'll soon be able to try these Jonas-approved drinks a city near you.

Jonas plans to open a rooftop bar serving spicy cocktails and more

Priyanka Chopra opened a restaurant last year — and now her husband Nick Jonas, along with his Villa One business partner John Varvatos, will follow a similar path. Jonas and Varvatos plan to open rooftop bars under the Villa One Tequila Gardens name in multiple cities, including Las Vegas and Miami. According to Eater, the bar will debut in downtown San Diego, with a variety of cocktails for any time of the day and, of course, plenty of tequilas to choose while enjoying a nightlife ambience and a live DJ.

Because Jonas is involved, the food menu aims to thrill spice lovers with Mexican flavors, from classic burritos and tacos to more eccentric fusion creations for happy hour (think Mexican sushi rolls). As for spicy cocktails, the drinks list includes multiple jalapeño margaritas, a michelada, and something called an Inferno, which we can only assume has a fiery flavor. The word is still out on whether or not the bar's "tableside service" will include spicy tuna salad whipped up by Jonas, but here's hoping!