Wingstop Is Celebrating 4/20 In The Best Way

The origins of April 20, or "4/20," can be traced back to California high school students in the 1970s who drove around looking for a supposed stash of marijuana plants somewhere around the San Francisco region (via Rolling Stone). While a bunch of teens searching for weed while cruising in a Chevy Impala may sound like a nonsensical urban legend to some, there's no denying that the term "4/20" has entered the common lexicon of stoners, social media users, and oddly enough, restaurants.

According to Esquire, a wide variety of restaurants including Jack in the Box and Fatburger have had special 4/20 promotions in the past, promising plenty of food for rock-bottom prices to a very high — and very hungry — crowd. Even Doritos has a special collab for 4/20 this year.

This shouldn't come as a surprise as, per Insider, when under the influence of marijuana, neurons in our brain that promote hunger are suddenly activated — thus, we have the "munchies." It would be pretty good business to tend to the wants and needs of these hungry customers then, wouldn't it?

Chicken wing purveyor Wingstop has hopped on board the 4/20 celebration this year with an all-new sauce just for the occasion. 

Wingstop's new sauce is Blazed and Glazed

According to PR Newswire, Wingstop introduces a brand-new, limited-edition sauce appropriately called "Blazed and Glazed." Combining hemp seeds, terpenes, strawberries, and cayenne pepper, the sauce is designed to be sweet and spicy, although the addition of hemp seeds isn't enough to get you high. The new wing flavor will be available starting April 18 nationwide until April 22. But Wingstop isn't just introducing a new sauce to celebrate this 4/20 holiday. According to Fast Food Post, the company will also have a food truck at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park on that day to cater to the attendees of the Hippie Hill event. 

This isn't the first time Wingstop has cashed in on the 4/20 celebration. The company previously commissioned an advertisement in 2018 to attract wing-hungry customers to satisfy their munchies with wings, fries, and sauce. The advertisement was a cartoon in the style of the classic "Let's All Go To the Lobby" advertisement, featuring rubber hose-like Wingstop menu items. As the cartoon plays, the animation becomes increasingly more psychedelic and colorful, all while the dancing characters gleefully implore stoned viewers to go to Wingstop and grab themselves some wings.