Krispy Kreme's New Collection Tastes Like Your Favorite Childhood Cereal

The latest sugary products to emerge from Krispy Kreme and General Mills' ongoing collaboration has debuted. As of today, fans can indulge in a limited-time offering of donuts that feature a cereal-inspired cinnamon milk glaze. As detailed in a press release, the collab sees three types of sweetly spiced donuts on offer. While all are cinnamon-milk glazed, one is plain, one is frosted with cream cheese, and the other has a dulce de leche topping.

The cinnamon milk glaze is made with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and the two iced donuts also come with a cinnamon sugar dusting and actual pieces of the cereal. Another item in the lineup, per Krispy Kreme's website, is the Cinnamon Milk Chiller, which is a frozen beverage made with Cinnamon Toast Crunch blended throughout. According to an announcement the chain made on Facebook, each of these treats will be available in American and Canadian stores through May 5.

Fans are excited about the cinnamon-filled treats

When Krispy Kreme shared the cinnamon-spiced news on Facebook and Instagram, there was much excitement from fans. Most enthused along the lines of "These look good!!!," "Oooh yummy," and "These need to be permanent." Even the majority of the negative responses were actually positive, as they complained about being unable to enjoy the new offering. "I got excited reading it and then it says 'US and Canada only,'" one Australian wrote. "Boo!" Others wished that Krispy Kreme would continue its expansion into their cities: "Really wish you would come back to Rochester NY I tried your doughnuts in Myrtle beach and they are sooo good." 

Cinnamon fans should also remember that Krispy Kreme's cinnamon roll, which debuted in September of last year, was recently brought back — but only at select shops on Sundays. Those have apparently been pretty hard to come by, with some locations running out of the rolls before 8 a.m. Evidently, fans love any donut that tastes and smells like their favorite childhood cereal.