Over 46% Of People Said This Canned Meat Is Actually Really Good

Some people might have the perception that canned food isn't as healthy or nutritious as fresh food, but that isn't always the case. This is one of the many myths about canned food, but the truth is that these foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are canned at the height of freshness (via The Providence Journal). As a matter of fact, some of these canned foods, like pumpkin, have even more nutrients than the fresh variety. 

Keeping some cans of your favorite foods on hand makes whipping up dinners and desserts easier, and can serve as crucial supplies in case of a disaster. When it comes to canned meat, however, you may immediately think of SPAM, but there are other canned options like tuna, salmon, and chicken breast.

Many of us might have a can of tuna in the pantry, but we want to know what other canned meats are popular. Mashed polled 594 U.S. residents to get the scoop on which of these canned meats are the most liked. 

The most favored canned meat is not surprising

The Mashed poll found overwhelming favor for canned tuna, with 46.46% of participants choosing this as their favorite canned meat. The second most popular choice, although not nearly close to tuna, is canned chicken breast, which 18.52% of survey respondents voted for.

Following the chicken was canned corned beef hash, with 12.96% of the votes. 10.10% of people surveyed said that canned salmon was really good, followed closely by 9.09% of people who said that canned ham was tasty. The canned meat with the fewest number of votes was potted meat, which only received 2.86% of votes.

These survey results aren't too shocking considering the whopping amounts of canned tuna Americans consume each year. If this is one of your favorite pantry staples, try this simple ingredient that will upgrade your canned tuna from good to great. If you're willing to step outside your comfort zone and try something new, here's our list of canned ham brands ranked from worst to best.