What Aldi Shoppers Really Think Of These Mother's Day Cheeses

Mother's day is approaching and while some might choose to take mom to brunch and others will deliver flowers, Aldi shoppers have something else in mind. It's no secret that with every holiday Aldi releases specialty buys. The popular grocer has even released some fun and festive foods for Cinco de Mayo. While you might be able to score a scented candle or even an orchid from the store, there's another item that says "Happy Mother's Day" right on its packaging.

The popular Instagram account, ohheyaldi, has posted a find for moms who love cheese. That's right, these little red and pink packaged cheeses are marketed specifically for celebrating mom, as the post caption reads, "Moms love something cheesy for Mothers Day!"

What's so special about these cheeses? The poster details that they are "Emporium Selection Cheddar Cheese or Wensleydale Cheese with Prosecco And Strawberry." While we aren't sure all moms love cheese, they all can appreciate Prosecco and strawberries, right?

You may already have tasted these Aldi cheeses

Another popular Instagram account, self-proclaimed as "Your Adli BFF," aldi.mademedoit, also posted about the cheeses. She states, "I'm a mom and I approve having the cheesiest cheese plate out on Mother's Day!" Per the photo and post details by ohheyaldi, there appear to be two kinds of cheese available. One in a red heart shape package which is a mature cheddar cheese that displays "MOM, you're really GRATE" and the other, a pink rosebud of strawberry and Prosecco flavored Wensleydale cheese stating "Who needs flowers when you have cheese."

If you've tried Aldi's specialty Valentine's day cheeses you may already know what these will taste like and while some may think these are a bit, well, cheesy, others are excited over the Mother's day treats. With hearts raining on both Instagram posts and comments including "These are so fun!" and "saw these! Yes please," it seems moms that love cheese will appreciate these adorably packaged snacks.

Per the aldi.mademedoit post, the cheeses should have been released last Wednesday at most locations, but we recommend calling over to your local Aldi to see if they are in stock before making the trip.