Dunkin' Divides Twitter With The Release Of Cornbread Donuts

The arrival of Spring brings with it flowers blooming, birds chirping, warmer weather, and of course, new special menu items at all of your favorite restaurants, including Dunkin'.

In addition to summery drinks like the "Mango Pineapple Dunkin' Refresher," and the "Cake Batter Signature Latte," Dunkin's Spring menu also boasts a new Pesto Grilled Cheese sandwich, Cornbread Donuts, and Cornbread Munchkin donut holes, per Business Wire. Most donuts fall under either the cake or yeast varieties, making cornbread batter an unusual ingredient, though it's not unheard of. You can find a variety of recipes for cornbread donuts across the internet, like this one from Better Homes & Gardens.

According to Business Wire, the cornbread donuts and Munchkins are a new take on the classic comfort food, offering a savory pastry with a sweet glaze. So what's the verdict from Dunkin' customers about the new donut flavor? Opinions are divided, with more falling in the "thanks, but no thanks" camp.

Dunkin' fans have strong opinions about cornbread offerings

On Twitter, the surprising new Dunkin' donut flavor was panned more than praised. One user wrote "the cornbread donut from Dunkin' Donuts tastes REALLY weird. Doubt I'll ever order it again." Another noted that Dunkin' missed a good opportunity to offer a gluten-free option, but the cornbread donut and Munchkins actually contain wheat flour. One Dunkin' patron shared "No thank you. I was excited to try it, but the icing ruined it for me. It was too sweet and also too tangy at the same time. Tasted like sour milk." An even more scathing review states, "Ya'll know these are abhorrent right? I've NEVER spit out a donut before...did y'all try these before you put them out?!" 

On the "pro" side, other Dunkin' customers hailed the new cornbread donut with some fans adopting some of Dunkin's native Boston vernacular, sharing "My contribution to online food porn: This new Dunkin' Donuts cornbread donut is wicked awesome. Seriously." Praising the Munchkins, this user shared "Dunkin Donuts has cornbread munchkins now, kinda bomb," and someone agreed, "Had it today and they are AMAZING."

With Twitter so divided, it seems there's only one way to really know how Dunkin's new Cornbread donuts are — decide for yourself.