Kristen Kish's Go-To Fast-Food Order Is So Relatable

Sure, they can cook with imagination and precision and in the process, whip up a dish better than your average Joe. But celebrity chefs love fast food, too. Even Julia Child would eat an In-N-Out burger when she was visiting Los Angeles. Joining her on the burger bandwagon was Anthony Bourdain, who dubbed In-N-Out "one of [his] favorite places in Los Angeles," per Eater. Not surprisingly, per Insider, this California-based hamburger chain has been named a favorite among other professional chefs as well. While many non-chefs may also relate to this preference, it might not speak to someone's inner child the way Kristen Kish's go-to fast food order can.

Kish has been quite outspoken about her love for this category of food. The winner of "Top Chef" even co-hosts a show on TruTV called "Fast Foodies" where she tries to recreate the guests' favorite fast food meals. But what is a go-to order for a self-professed fast food-loving celebrity chef like Kish? In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Kish revealed she is an Arby's fan, adding, "Arby's is very specific, it's very regional." Still, it's not necessarily where she is ordering her meal from, but rather what the fast food aficionado is ordering that makes it so relatable.

Chicken fingers and curly fries

In her Mashed interview, Kristen Kish described her favorite order from Arby's: "Chicken fingers and curly fries are by far the greatest fast food I think that is out there." She went on to explain that "it's just chicken fingers all day, every day, no matter what fast food place I go to, I always gravitate towards the fried chicken of some kind." A lot of kids could get behind this meal, and the chef recognizes this. While speaking to an audience (via Food & Wine), she admitted, "I kind of feel bad when I go to a restaurant or anything and I order, I want to order off the kids' menu." She traced her "childish palate" back to her father's homemade chicken tenders.

Some other grownups are also fans of chicken fingers and want to see them moved from kids' menus to the regular menus – because who says you have to be 12 or under to enjoy them, right? A member of the Twitterverse wrote, "We, as a society, need to stop classifying chicken fingers as a kids' menu food. It's time." The tweet received over 32,000 likes.

Will we ever see Kish recreate her go-to meal on "Fast Foodies?" Probably not. Kish revealed she has never tried her hand at making curly fries, but per CNET, it's for a good reason: "Arby's seasoned curly fries are everything to me. There's no way in hell I can make that better." Respect.