TikTok Is Loving Padma Lakshmi's Birthday Moment With Her Dog

Everyone seems to have an absolute favorite celebrity chef, from the raunchy Gordon Ramsay to the Domestic Goddess, Martha Stewart. For some, an adoration for a chef may come from one of their tasty recipes but for others, its their TV persona that captures a fan's attention — and sometimes it's both! And yet, for those like Duff Goldman, it's social media posts that really create a stir among fans.

You may, for example, adore Padma Lakshmi for her super easy crispy roasted potatoes recipe or you might appreciate watching her, while admiring her fashion sense, on "Top Chef," but have you seen her social media posts? While the celebrity chef makes a splash in the culinary world, her online presence is also quite impressive. Lakshmi turns heads with her throwbacks on Instagram and creates contagious laughter with Twitter posts, but one TikTok has fans in a tizzy — and for such a great reason.

From not a dog person to puppy masseuse

Padma Lakshmi posted an adorable video to TikTok of her dog, Davina, getting a pup massage on her birthday. The video is captioned "Happy birthday to my sweet pup Divina!!" and has currently garnered 12,300 likes and a ton of comments.

Lakshmi can be heard saying of Davina's belly, "she's a little bald under here and it's just a little wrinkly," as she gently rubs moisturizer all over the pup. Davina appears to be thoroughly enjoying the attention, and viewers are also loving this, posting comments like "this is just so adorable" and "living her best life!" Of course, the Happy birthday's poured in, but some true fans of the cookbook author remind everyone of the time she said she didn't want a dog. There's a heartwarming story behind Lakshmi's journey to becoming a dog mama, and those who adore her remember it well. 

Clearly, the TV Personality is not only now a dog person, but a puppy masseuse as well. Happy birthday Davina.