Here's What's In Bobby Flay's Refrigerator

Bobby Flay has given so much to the culinary world. The celebrity chef entertains us with his TV Shows, assists us with his recipes, and feeds us in his restaurants. In the podcast "Always Hungry," Flay and daughter Sophie add more to the world of food as they discuss all things related to cooking, including kitchen gadgets and ingredients you should always have access to.

On one podcast episode, Flay shared the two foods every kitchen should always have stocked in its pantry and the "Iron Chef" even shared a tour on Instagram of what's in his own pantry, showing off his organization skills. The chef does have some great suggestions and, realistically speaking, what home chef wouldn't try to follow some of them?

If you've already been wowed by his pantry, wait until you see what's in Flay's refrigerator. Aside from some Italian soda, Peruvian chili, and caviar, it looks a lot like yours and mine.

Bobby Flay's refrigerator contents are relatable

Per his website, Bobby Flay has partnered with Misfits Market, a company that, according to its Instagram account, sells "organic produce, high-quality meats and seafood, and other sustainably sourced groceries for up to 40% less than grocery store price." The two have made a few social media posts together, including a video sharing the contents of Flay's refrigerator.

In the video, Flay states "OK, I'm going to show you my refrigerator, it's not in great shape so please take it easy on me ok." He proceeds to show us grapes, organic grapefruit juice, apples, and bottles of San Pellegrino. The TV personality shares that he likes his "coffee to taste like coffee," which is why he uses regular milk over the newer alternatives, and he also reveals that eggs are a must-have because he enjoys them for breakfast or as a late-night snack.

He shows off some mussels, which he shares are only on hand for dinner, along with some avocados, herbs, French green beans, spinach, and goat cheese, stating "one of my faves." He opens a drawer revealing a variety of other cheeses, and a second drawer that holds parsnips, bacon, and shishito peppers

On the door, we peep some Hellman's mayo and maple syrup, along with other condiments like ketchup, anchovies, and mustards. Perhaps we aren't so different from the celebrity chef after all.