SpaghettiOs' Limited-Edition Lunchbox Will Remind You Of Your Childhood

It's no secret that '90s nostalgia is alive in full swing, from the return of super wide-leg jeans and sky-high chunky platform shoes to foods from the 1990s that are making a comeback, like Dunkaroos, Uncrustables, and Bagel Bites. Even brands such as Pizza Hut and Michelob Ultra have been cashing on the trend with retro-inspired merch. Now, the iconically O-shaped canned pasta SpaghettiOs is hopping on the throwback train by partnering with one of the fashion industry's hottest streetwear designers.

In a press release sent to Mashed, the nearly 60-year-old brand announced a new collaboration with NYC-based artist, celebrity stylist, and award-winning streetwear designer Colm Dillane, who works under the name KidSuper. The collaboration, which will feature a limited number of '90s-inspired lunchboxes and food containers custom-created by the buzzy designer, aims to tap into grocery shoppers' nostalgia for their childhood culinary delights.

"Growing up, some of my favorite childhood memories included Saturday cartoons and a bowl of SpaghettiOs," said Dillane — who was recently a recipient of the prestigious Karl Lagerfeld Prize, per Vogue — in the release. "It's a very surreal experience to now get to lean into that '90s nostalgia and infuse my own cartoon world with a brand that I've been so excited to work with."

Pack your favorite '90s foods in these throwback-inspired containers

SpaghettiOs, which is still one of the top-selling canned food brands in the United States, per USA Today, hopes that its nostalgia-inspired KidSuper partnership will resonate with a large chunk of its core audience: Millennials. According to the brand's press release, the 26- to 41-year-old age group — which largely came to age in the '90s — makes up over one-third of SpaghettiOs' total customer base, up 20% from just two years ago.

In addition to the lunchbox collaboration, the O-shaped food brand will also be debuting new throwback-inspired packaging, marking SpaghettiOs' "first major label redesign since 2004." SpaghettiOs teased that its KidSuper lunchbox partnership is just the start of the food brand's exploration of the fashion and art spaces. For now, fans of the nostalgic brand will have the chance to snag one of 120 limited-edition KidSuper X SpaghettiOs lunchboxes (which appear to come with Thermos-style containers) beginning at 5 p.m. on May 10. The lunchboxes, retailing for $30 each, will be available exclusively on the livestream shopping platform NTWRK while supplies last.