Why Two Fan-Favorite Gum Brands May Be In Trouble

The pandemic has been extremely hard on several business sectors. Restaurants have permanently posted their "closed" signs, major retailers have filed for bankruptcy, and parking lots have more empty spaces than cars. The effects don't stop there. The gum industry is also a victim of COVID-19. Why has chewing gum been negatively impacted by the global pandemic? Surely, people still long for minty fresh breath and a really good chew. 

It turns out they don't, at least not in pre-pandemic numbers. For one thing, the pandemic has changed the way we shop. Many consumers order their groceries online, preventing them from making impulse buys at the cash register — something that gum manufacturers have previously thrived on (via Eat This, Not That!). CNN adds that customers have also opted for sugary snacks instead of gum as a source of comfort during this stressful time. Plus, it makes sense that when establishments required all customers to wear masks, people were far less concerned about disguising their garlic breath. And even with the health mandates lifted, some consumer habits remain indelibly altered. 

But what does this severe drop in gum purchases mean for your favorite chew? Well, if you are a fan of these two well-known brands, you may be in for a disappointment. 

Dentyne and Trident could face the chopping block

No one likes to be the bearer of bad news, but Trident and Dentyne devotees may have to say farewell to their gum of choice.  Mondelez International manufactures a host of popular snack items like Cadbury, Oreo, and Toblerone. It also produces Dentyne and Trident. While its baked and chocolate items are performing well and will continue to be the company's focus, it plans to sell off its gum business, although there is no set date for the sale as of yet (per CNN). The company is also divesting its Halls line of cough lozenges. 

The company's press release states, "Mondelēz International is reshaping its portfolio, with a long-term vision to accelerate growth and generate 90% of revenue in chocolate and biscuits, including baked snacks." This is great news for fans of all-things-sweet, but it seems that those who prefer minty fresh mastication are out of luck. Hopefully, a buyer will be found for these popular chewing gums and contented gnawers will be able to continue to replenish their stashes. If not, there is always the unfortunate possibility that these brands will disappear forever.