Why Domino's Just Flipped Its Ordering Options Upside Down

Domino's already transported us to the world of "Stranger Things" with the re-release of its retro-style 1980s pizza boxes. Now, the brand wants to take things a step further by giving fans the chance to feel like they're one with "the upside-down" through its latest innovation.

As part of another partnership with the award-winning Netflix series, Domino's has launched a "Mind Ordering" app, where people can tap into their own telekinetic "powers." Yes, really. Per a press release, Domino's described the new platform's in-app navigation as an "immersive experience" that lets users explore Hawkins Lab from the point of view of one of the show's supernatural test subjects. Fans will be able to hunt for "Stranger Things" Easter eggs in the virtual government facility, play "mind control" games, and place a pizza order without having to enter card information, type a password, or even press a button.

The new app comes just in time for the long-awaited "Stranger Things" season 4 premiere, which is set to release May 27 on Netflix. This week, Domino's teased the new feature to fans on Twitter with an ad showing characters "Dustin" and "Lucas" visiting one of the pizza chain's locations in 1986, where they encounter a power outage right before a mysterious order suddenly appears out of nowhere, presumably hinting at the future mind ordering technology. Unbeknownst to them, the previous scene in the ad depicts Hawkins scientists using the mind of one of their supernatural subjects to transmit the virtual pizza order. 

Domino's helps Stranger Things fans channel their inner Eleven

Okay, so Domino's mind ordering may not actually be powered by a government paranormal experiment, but it does employ some neat technology. Per the press release, the new contactless feature takes inspiration from Millie Bobby Brown's character, "Eleven," a teen with telepathic abilities. To harness that power, the app uses facial recognition and eye-tracking software, which will allow fans to order a pizza by making certain gestures into the phone's camera, like a tilt of the head or a change in expression.

While this new ordering experience is likely to be a hit with "Stranger Things" fans, it also represents a revolutionary move for Domino's – whose sales are currently comprised of 60% digital orders and mobile ordering.

 "We're geeked to launch this first-of-its-kind mind ordering app," remarked Kate Trumbull, Domino's SVP of brand and product innovation (via PR Newswire). Trumbull added "...Now hungry customers and 'Stranger Things' fans across the U.S. will get a taste of what it's like to be Eleven, and they may find some hidden surprises along the way, such as the Noid or Demogorgon."

Domino's says fans who want to test out the "mind control" powers for themselves can do so by downloading the Domino's Mind Ordering App (separate from the regular Domino's app, by the way) on Google Play or The Apple App Store and ensuring they have a registered pizza profile, along with a pre-saved "easy order."