Fishers Island Lemonade Just Took Spiked Drinks To The Next Level

For many people, lemonade is a go-to heat-beater in the summertime. Some people might even think nothing beats that beverage. Unless, of course, they prefer their lemonade with a little booze mixed in, which, is exactly how they serve it up at the Pequot Inn in Fishers Island, New York. Bronya Shillo explained to Whalebone Magazine that her family's bar at the Pequot was making 15-liter batches of the house cocktail, "FIL" short for Fishers Island Lemonade, just for the weekends until she got the bright idea to can the stuff.

Shillo followed through on her idea, and according to the company website, Fishers Island Lemonade became available in a canned cocktail form in 2014. A mix of whiskey, vodka, honey, and lemonade, the drink has been called "a true treat" by Guilty Eats, which added that it "taste[s] like a real can of lemonade." With an ABV of 9%, the original flavor also has more alcohol than a Truly hard seltzer (via the Truly Hard Seltzer website). According to a press release, just last summer Fishers Island Lemonade added new flavors, and this summer it is shaking things up once again.

Fishers Island Lemonade is releasing a variety pack

Since launching its original flavor, Fishers Island Lemonade has added some variety to the mix. Last summer, Guilty Eats reported the brand was releasing three new spiked lemonade flavors including Spiked Tea, a version with black tea mixed in, and Fizz, a sparkling alternative to the original. The third, Pink Flamingo, brought cranberry into the equation and was particularly enjoyed by Good Spirit News who revealed, "This is by far our favorite and more like a punch."

Now, shoppers can get three Fishers Island Lemonade flavors in one pack. According to a press release, Fishers Island Lemonade will be offering an eight-pack that includes four cans of the original Fishers Island Lemonade, two cans of the Spiked Tea, and two cans of the Pink Flamingo for a suggested retail price of $26.99 (via PR Newswire). Though fans may no longer have to make it all the way to Fishers Island to grab a glass of FIL, they would still have to make it to a state where they can purchase the drinks in person or on Drizly. Florida and South Carolina were added to that list just in time for Memorial Day bringing the total number of states where Fishers Island Lemonade is available to 14. Of course, consumers in any state shouldn't have too much trouble finding a canned cocktail, since brands like Kraken Rum and Bacardi have also recently added their creations to the canvas of competition.