The Problem Instagram Had With Martha Stewart's Mini-Donkeys' Attire

Another day, another head-turning Instagram post from Martha Stewart. The homemaking queen has developed quite the penchant for sharing on social media in recent years, and takes to her Instagram account, in particular, on a seemingly almost daily basis to share snippets of her life with her millions of fans. We've gotten to see nearly every corner of the cookbook author's 153-acre farm in Bedford, New York, which is also home to the massive number of pets Stewart owns, followed along as she recovered from surgery after rupturing her Achilles tendon last summer, and have fawned over more than a few celeb run-ins that Stewart has had while out and about.

Yes, the former talk show host's Instagram page is truly a place of wonder. However, not all of her 3,470 posts (and counting) have gone over well with fans. Case and point: Stewart's recent upload about her five donkeys that she shared on Friday, May 20. "The Sicilian miniature donkeys have been bathed and clipped and dried and groomed and they look amazing!!" she wrote in the caption. As noted on her website, the grooming was necessary to help keep the animals cool in the summer and prevent their fur from matting. The Instagram post also included two photos of the mini mammals enjoying a beautiful day in their buttercup-covered pasture, where they were captured sporting somewhat odd attire that, for some fans, was a cause of concern.

Some fans worried that Martha Stewart's donkey couldn't see through their bug masks

Martha Stewart's five Sicilian miniature donkeys, Jude, Truman, Clive, Rufus, and Billie, are summer-ready after having a visit from the groomers. Some fans of the television personality raved about the results. "They are so adorable!" one Instagrammer wrote in the comments section of the post. "Welcome to the land of cuteness," quipped another follower.

In addition to getting a fresh cut for the upcoming summer season, Stewart's donkeys were also dressed in fly masks after their grooming, which covered their entire face, including their eyes and ears. The coverings are meant for protection against bugs and flies, which The Donkey Sanctuary says can "cause great distress and irritation" to the animals, and can also help prevent pale-skinned donkeys from getting sunburned. However, they were also a cause of worry for some of Stewart's followers like user @mrs.prims. "Can they really see out of those masks? Looks like they wouldn't be able to very well," the Instagrammer asked, while another accused Martha of not treating her animals with respect. "This is highly disturbing," wrote another follower.

While we'll admit that the sight of mask-covered donkeys may be a bit unsettling, according to Stewart, there's no need to worry about the animals' discomfort. "They don't mind them at all," she assured on her website, where she shared even more photos of her pets. "These three look much cooler and much happier already!" she said.