Taco Bell Is Testing A Grilled Cheese Biscuit — Here's Where To Get It

The Taco Bell breakfast menu just got a Southern-inspired upgrade with a new item that just might rival Chick-fil-A's uber-popular chicken biscuit. Since its launch in the spring of 2014 — accompanied by the largest marketing campaign in Taco Bell history, at the time — the breakfast menu has been a hit for the Mexican chain, featuring items like toasted breakfast burritos and egg-filled Crunchwraps (via Forbes).

Now, Taco Bell is testing a new morning menu item that offers an egg-free option for breakfast diners, Chew Boom reports. The brand-new Grilled Cheese Biscuit, which goes for $1.99, is a blend of cheddar, mozzarella, and pepper jack cheeses melted on top of a warm buttermilk biscuit, as specified by a user on Reddit. The chain is also testing a more filling Grilled Cheese Biscuit that's sandwiched with a sausage patty for $2.49. The limited-time cheesy biscuits are currently only available at certain Taco Bell locations in Knoxville, Tennessee; however, according to some local fast food fans, they've been hard to come by.

Not everyone is excited about the biscuits so far

According to one Redditor, despite appearing on a local Taco Bell menu, the Grilled Cheese Biscuits were unavailable at their go-to spot. However, Facebook user Michael Carson was able to snag a sausage biscuit, posting an image of the item as proof. 

The initial online response to the new breakfast biscuits was tepid. "What is TBell's infatuation with putting greasy, gooey cheese on the outside of a thing you're supposed to eat with your hands?" one Reddit user asked. Another echoed the sentiment, writing: "If the cheese was in the middle rather [than] on top this would be a better idea." Granted, Carson's picture does make it appear that the sandwich has a solid crust to hold onto.

Reddit u/sockhatabe was excited for the eggless morning item, writing: "Finally something for breakfast for those who don't like eggs." However, many commenters questioned the choice to put a Southern biscuit on a Mexican chain's morning menu, like u/RandyHoward, who wrote: "Looks good, but these guys aren't even pretending to be a Mexican restaurant any more," and u/Deltarefund, who chimed in, "I wish they'd do more actual 'Mexican' style breakfasts."

Taco Bell customers located in the Knoxville area can judge the chain's latest cheesy creation for themselves for a limited time only. Or, they can play it safe with the best item on the Taco Bell breakfast menu: the Breakfast Crunchwrap.