TikToker Soy Nguyen Reveals Her Go-To McDonald's Order - Exclusive

If your first choice is McDonald's when someone suggests fast food, you're not alone. In fact, Business Insider claims that more than 85% of Americans visit the chain at least once a year. Whether you love a Big Mac or one of those food hacks you find online, McDonald's never seems to waver when it comes to serving loyal customers. Ever heard of the man who has eaten a Big Mac every day for 50 years? Now, that is loyalty. Even your favorite TikTokers have their go-to order at the fast food giant.

Soy Nguyen, with 961,000 followers and 41.6 million likes, is one of those influencers. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, she spoke about her Vietnamese-American heritage and food culture, why she started a career in content creation, and of course, her love for McDonald's. Nguyen revealed that there is a sentimental factor behind her go-to order from McDonald's, and it has us drooling.

Soy loves to add lettuce to her hamburgers

The TikToker explained that she generally enjoys fast food restaurants, but McDonald's holds a special place in her heart. Soy Nguyen said, "My mom worked really late hours, and that was the place that was always open. She would always bring home McDonald's so that we could eat together." Nguyen continued, "I grew up with McDonald's, but my go-to order is a hamburger." The food influencer went on to say how much she enjoys a soft Big Mac bun, and adds lettuce to "feel more adult."

Nguyen is originally from Florida, so naturally the large sweet tea is her beverage of choice as it reminds her of home. To top it all off, she adds a large fry with some ranch dressing, hot mustard, and sweet and sour sauce for dipping. Talk about mouth-watering! Nguyen was named "Foodie influencer of the Year" and an AAPI Trailblazer in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Sounds like a cause for celebration with a meal from McDonald's!

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