Nearly 24% Said This Was The Worst Side Dish At Ruth's Chris Steak House

As any steak lover can attest, a meal at Ruth's Chris Steak House isn't complete without a sizable hunk of meat accompanied by a bevy of nostalgic side dishes. The chain, which began in 1965 as a humble restaurant with only 60 seats in New Orleans, has since expanded to more than 150 locations worldwide (per Ruth's Chris). The meat-centric restaurant has built a reputation as a reliable spot for a classic steakhouse experience.

The restaurant chain is known for its flavorful, wet-aged steaks, which are charred under an ultra-high-temperature broiler and finished with a generous pat of butter for the ultimate crispy, caramelized protein experience. But the eatery also offers a range of side dishes that customers can enjoy alongside their ribeye, porterhouse, or New York strip.

The best and worst sides at Ruth's Chris range from veggie-based dishes such as creamed spinach, roasted Brussels sprouts, grilled asparagus, and cremini mushrooms to more indulgent options such as lobster mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole, and potatoes au gratin. Determined to find out which of the many options aren't worth ordering, Mashed asked a group of steakhouse enthusiasts to share their opinion on the worst side dish at the upscale chain.

The mushrooms are a divisive side dish

In a Mashed poll of 545 U.S.-based customers, the chain's pan-roasted Cremini mushrooms made with veal demi-glace topped the poll as Mashed readers' least favorite Ruth's Chris side dish.

Unsurprisingly, the chain's creamy garlic mashed potatoes received just 7.52% of votes for the worst option and were also named the best side dish at Ruth's Chris in another survey. Following close behind was the grilled asparagus (served with hollandaise sauce), with 11.74% of the total vote, and another classic potato dish, potatoes au gratin (made with diced Idaho potatoes in a three-cheese sauce), which received 14.31% of votes.

Despite the fact they were named two of the best dishes on the steakhouse's menu, the roasted Brussels sprouts, made with diced bacon and honey butter, and the lobster mac and cheese, featuring chunks of lobster and a creamy white cheddar sauce, landed towards the top of the least-favorite list, with 19.82% and 22.75% of the total vote, respectively.