The Costco Mini Desserts That Might Be Better Than The Originals

These days, some of the items offered at Costco might make you feel like you're trapped in a tiny food video – or at least the bulk version of one. Shelves at the wholesale retailer have been stocked with a variety of smaller versions of savory snacks like the mini wontons that won over Costco shoppers and sweeter fare like mini ice cream sandwiches. Of course, these miniature food items aren't actually as small as the impossibly little edible treats cooked up in tiny kitchens, but they are considerably smaller than their full-size counterparts.

When it comes to desserts, there may be a little psychology behind the mini-trend. As Allison Leibovich, Technical Innovation Advisor at Cargill food corporation, explained to Supermarket Perimeter, "Indulgence remains the top driver for shoppers purchasing baked treats, but given today's emphasis on healthy eating, many are looking for ways to mitigate the guilt." Costco has clearly caught on that one way shoppers might try to do this is by opting for mini versions of their favorite edible pleasures. It turns out, that some of those mini versions might even be better than the original.

For some, Costco's mini desserts take the cake

Some of Costco's latest sweet, miniature offerings have been hitting the right note with shoppers. On that list of desserts are the raspberry mini cakes with buttercream icing, spotted and taste-tested by TikTok user @costcohotfinds, who found them "beautiful," "so soft," with icing that is "absolutely delicious." Another member-pleasing mini cake that Costco just re-launched is the snickerdoodle variety, a cinnamon cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Instagram user @costcobuys was happy to see their return, writing: "Mini snickerdoodle cakes are back at Costco and are so good!" though a couple of commenters disagreed with remarks like "not a fan" and "the 2 inch thick frosting of cream cheese was way too much!"

Costco has also offered mini chocolate chip cookies. On YouTube, the duo behind 5 Minute Eats gave the smaller version of the classic cookies two thumbs up and described them as "soft," "very rich," and "very strongly-flavored," but said they wouldn't buy them that often. Of course, with 60 to a pack, buying them once could mean you're stocked up for a while! While Costco seems eager to help consumers indulge in decadent mini desserts, we'd also like to point out the too-tempting opportunity mini desserts present to set up sample stations and pretend like it's the old days!