Why Your Local Trader Joe's Might Be Giving One Item Out For Free

Ever wondered why Trader Joe's food is so cheap? There are a few reasons for this, including how most of the products are under the store's own label, and you won't find extras like a full-service deli in the building. Many TJ's customers may already know that their favorite grocery store is affordable, but getting an unexpected free snack while shopping makes the trip extra enjoyable.

On the Trader Joe's subreddit, u/Lisbeth_Salandar shared that their local store was giving away free Chocolate Caramel Yolkies. In the caption, the original poster explained that the store had received its shipment of the Easter-themed chocolates months late, so instead of selling the product over the summer, staff told customers that the Yolkies were free at checkout.

Earlier this year, Trader Joe's shoppers were loving this clever play on the chocolate egg, which looks like a sunny side up egg. Now, customers who love the milk chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel treat might be able to snag the seasonal item for no charge, as other Reddit users have shared where they've gotten their hands on some free goodies.

Where have Trader Joe's customers been able to get free Yolkies?

In the comments of the Reddit post, people have been sharing where they've been able to get free Chocolate Caramel Yolkies. The original poster found theirs in Salt Lake City, and based on the comments, it looks like most of the stores people have listed are closer to the West Coast.

One person said, "Trader Joe's in Oro Valley, AZ gave me 4 of them for free this morning. Worker indicated that they have a lot to give away." Another commenter wrote, "I got some for free out here in Surprise, AZ! They also have the new waffle fries!" In California, Trader Joe's fans have gotten their free chocolate in Irvine, Palmdale, and San Diego. A commenter asked if anyone had been able to get Yolkies in New York City but hasn't received any responses.

Even if your local Trader Joe's doesn't have the Yolkies in stock for free, there are still plenty of internet-approved goodies to grab at the store. For carnivores, Reddit swears by a Trader Joe's classic of ready-to-heat pork belly.