Every BuzzBallz Flavor, Ranked Worst To Best

Crafting your own cocktails means dropping serious cash on a load of liquors and mixers and spending hours refining your technique. BuzzBallz is a company that knows the pain of home mixology and fills the need for flavored mixed beverages with its sweetly spherical swigs. In every 200-milliliter single-serving orb — the equivalent of about three-and-a-half two-ounce shots — you get a powerful potable containing 15% alcohol by volume. The female-led, family-run company is committed to "reinventing happy hour," as the tagline on the BuzzBallz website proudly states, a mission that has become a billion-dollar enterprise. With a presence in a wide array of U.S. markets and with an average retail price of around $3.50, that's a whole lot of buzz.

BuzzBallz understands its audience well enough to capture the flavors of some of the most popular mixed drinks in its cocktails, throwing out fun, trendy concoctions to keep things in the drink world juicy and refreshing. We were too curious to let these bulbous bottles sit on the shelf without finding out what each blend brings to the party. Though our tasters were able to get ahold of seven flavors to test for themselves, others were unavailable at the time of publication. For those selections, we consulted customer opinions online to determine popularity and placement in the ranking. Read on to find out how each cocktail measures up.

15. PeachBallz

Before we had a sip of the PeachBallz Buzzballz, we noticed that it had an inviting peach scent to it, which got our hopes up — perhaps a little too high. Like nearly every other BuzzBallz flavor we tried, the first flavor to hit the palette is alcohol. Nondescript and borderline sterilizing alcohol. Luckily, an ultra-sweet peachy flavor comes rushing in immediately after that to compete for tastebud space with the alcohol flavor. But all of that was actually what we expected it to taste like. What we weren't expecting was the sinister over-roasted peach flavor that brought up the rear of this flavor train, leaving an essence of still burning Farm Fresh Peach Yankee Candle waxiness lingering in our mouths. (Sorry Yankee, we think you're great and there's a good chance your candle actually tastes better than this drink.)

We really wanted this one to be something awesome. The label describes it as "Premium Vodka with Orange Juice, Natural Peach & Orange Flavors & Certified Color." Now, we have no idea what "certified colors" are, but the "natural flavors" part sounded really promising. And maybe if it was poured into a glass of iced tea as the BuzzBallz website suggests, it might be a more balanced and drinkable flavor. But as it stands, we couldn't even finish a single ball of the peachy flavor before reaching for a glass of water and a different BuzzBallz flavor to drown this one out.

14. Strawberry 'Rita

Before trying the Strawberry 'Rita, we had already given the Tequila 'Rita a taste, which might have put the strawberry version of it at a slight disadvantage. After all, the margarita is the most popular cocktail in the world, according to Decanter. Unfortunately, even as far as flavored margaritas go, the Strawberry 'Rita misses the mark. Not that it doesn't taste like strawberry — it does. But the strawberry flavor is so intensely concentrated and candy-like, it reminds us more of a strawberry daiquiri made with strawberry puree and syrup at a poolside bar during Spring Break. For what it's worth, that's the kind of vibe BuzzBallz seems to be going for, but we think a little less strawberry and a little more lime would go a long way in balancing this particular drink out.

The folks at BuzzBallz must know that some of the drinks can be a bit much sometimes, because many of the products are paired with drink recipes that manage to elevate what's in the ball. The Strawberry 'Rita page, for example, gives us a recipe for a quick Strawberry Habanero Margarita. Other than the booze, you'll need some sliced habanero, ice, and salt. Shake the contents of the BuzzBallz with the ice and habanero slices, and pour into a glass with a pre-salted rim. Garnishing the drink with a strawberry is a nice touch, but it's all of the relatively simple ingredients combined that turn this poolside booze bomb into a proper drink.

13. Ruby Red Grapefruit

Given that the other BuzzBallz with bittersweet flavor profiles performed well during our tasting, we'd like to think that the Ruby Red Grapefruit BuzzBallz flavor would also be one of the better flavors. Unfortunately, the Ruby Red Grapefruit flavor doesn't seem to be very widely available. This particular flavor was released in 2019, according to a BuzzBallz Facebook post. Whether it's just that people can't get their hands on it or it's not especially popular, the Ruby Red Grapefruit BuzzBallz aren't getting a lot of buzz.

The ingredients list both vodka and grapefruit juice, and BuzzBallz describes the drink as "Tart, Sweet, [and] Crisp". Grapefruit can be a divisive flavor, even among citrus lovers. It gets even more controversial when a particular grapefruit flavor tastes too processed or unnatural. Some people only want it bitter, and some only want it sweet. This particular cocktail seems to most closely resemble a Greyhound cocktail, which is made of vodka and grapefruit juice, although it can also be made with gin, according to Liquor.com. Some might associate it with a Paloma, but Palomas are traditionally made with tequila, and contemporary versions include soda and lime juice. Ultimately, if you're into grapefruit-forward cocktails, this might be a decent option if you can find it. If any of the other drinks have been good indicators, expect the tart grapefruit to balance the high alcohol content just a little bit, but bet on it being sweeter than a typical Greyhound.

12. Watermelon Smash

From the name alone, we're going to immediately assume two things. The first is that this one is obviously watermelon-flavored, and the second is that you're going to get smashed drinking it (also obvious). The Watermelon Smash BuzzBallz is made from vodka with actual watermelon juice and other natural flavors, very straightforward.

We turned to Buzzing on a Budget for some insight into how the Watermelon Smash BuzzBallz tastes. We found that the alcohol is (not surprisingly) very forthcoming for this particular flavor. The watermelon flavor itself isn't too sweet and comes across as surprisingly natural — which honestly surprised us some. But even the clean taste of the watermelon doesn't hide the strong alcoholic bite. Back in 2017 when Buzzing on a Budget first tried the drink, the ABV was at 20%, although it's since been brought down to 15% along with the rest of the BuzzBallz flavors. Even still, this is one of the BuzzBallz flavors that would be well suited poured over ice, topped off with seltzer, or even blended into another drink to mellow it out some. Or maybe you can use it to make your own Spiked Watermelon

Once you're sufficiently lit, this would be a great opportunity to find TikTok videos of people smashing watermelons in every imaginable and unimaginable way. We'd suggest starting with funny.brandonfarris for the exploding watermelon, served up with some painfully funny commentary — you're welcome.

11. Espresso Martini

The Espresso Martini cocktail is the newest flavor in the BuzzBallz lineup, having launched in May 2022. At the moment, the flavor has only been released in Texas, Florida, New Mexico, California, Arizona, North Carolina, and Oregon, but will undoubtedly make its way to wherever BuzzBallz are sold soon enough.

Based on the Espresso Martini's description, this drink contains "Premium Rum with Coffee and Natural Flavors," which doesn't actually make it a martini at all. According to Kegworks, a true martini includes gin, vermouth, and olives, although vodka in place of gin is a widely accepted substitute. As this drink is made with rum, it's not really even close. But to be fair,  an espresso martini made with vodka isn't really a martini either, as it doesn't have vermouth (or olives, which would be incredibly gross). So we'll concede that it's got the spirit of an espresso martini and move on.

For an early report on how the BuzzBallz Espresso Martini tastes, we turned to TikTok where BuzzBallz made waves over the last few years. There's even a #buzzballzchallenge where people record themselves before and after drinking a few BuzzBallz for evidence of just how buzzy the drinks can make you. TikTok-er Sashiesashh has recorded two reviews of the Espresso Martini BuzzBallz, mentioning that the drink isn't super bitter, but has a nice boldly roasted coffee flavor and noticeable sweetness to it. She also says that the beverage is smooth and, "Not bad at all."

10. Choc Tease

The shop owner where we purchased the Choc Tease told us that this particular BuzzBallz tastes like a spiked Yoo-hoo. That didn't sound too bad, but we decided to reserve judgement for ourselves, naturally. BuzzBallz describes the Choc Tease flavor as "Rich, Silky, and Chocolatey," which certainly sounds like chocolate milk. The listed ingredients include vodka, orange wine, and cream with natural flavors (which we're hoping includes actual chocolate).

It took a few sips to nail down what the Choc Tease reminds us of, but when it dawned on us that it's essentially a chocolate martini with a bit of a stronger bite to it, we couldn't help but be a little amused. True to their word, the Choc Tease is "rich and chocolatey." "Silky" seems like a given as it's a creamy liquid, and it would be repetitive to put "boozy" as a descriptor on every bottle. Our taster enjoyed drinking one of these beverages, and would even consider pouring two of them into a martini glass for a fun treat. After all, it's a lot easier and cheaper in the short run to buy a few of bottles of Choc Tease than all of the ingredients needed to mix together a chocolate martini. But more than one or two of these might leave you feeling a little bloated, especially if dairy doesn't always sit right with you.

9. Horchata

If you aren't familiar with a classic Horchata, it's commonly considered a creamy rice-based Mexican drink, often sweetened with condensed milk and spiced with cinnamon and poured over ice. Sometimes, it's also flavored with almonds. Many people enjoy spiking their Horchata with dark rum, but there are no hard and fast rules about how you have to enjoy it. The BuzzBallz Horchata gets its buzz from vodka and orange wine instead of rum. The flavor notes are "Cinnamon, sweet, [and] creamy," which are fitting for a classic Horchata.

The Horchata has garnered a substantial amount of positive reviews on Drizly, with many customers associating the creamy sweet cinnamon drink with Christmas and the holidays. While the drink wasn't originally created for the holidays, it's an understandable correlation. BuzzBallz has even created a spiked Pumpkin Spice Latte cocktail made with the Horchata, which appeals especially to those who want to enjoy the drink when the weather starts to get cooler. The BuzzBallz Horchata does appear to be made with a substantial amount of cinnamon, which may be overwhelming for some who don't absolutely love the spice. It could also be a bit much for people who consider cinnamon to be more of a flavor garnish sprinkled on top of a glass of horchata, instead of one of the feature flavors. Reviewers mention that the drink isn't too thick, which is good news for those who don't really want to slam a thick rice and cream drink in the summer heat.

8. Cookie Nookie

A seasonal flavor arriving in time for the winter holidays, Cookie Nookie is a caramel-flavored chug that aims to recreate the flavor of home-baked treats in cocktail form. The cocoa-colored vessel may lead you to believe you're getting something in the chocolate chip or cookies and cream family. However, inside the can you'll find a mix of vodka, orange wine, cream, and caramel cookie flavors. Orange wine and cream scream Creamsicle to us. That may be an ice cream treat rather than a cookie, but it's a sensible selection for a cocktail flavor, and one that's been a tried-and-true bar menu staple. The possibility of tasting an actual cookie while sipping seems like a stretch.

TikTok user koalab17 popped the top and gave it a try, ranking the flavor a nine out of 10. Thatt's not a bad score, though there's no mention of how this BuzzBall stacks up against any familiar cookie flavor. Total Wine and More reviewer JessicaMae2B is a bit more descriptive, explaining that she enjoys Cookie Nookie with a Fireball shot for a maple and cinnamon-flavored blend, though maple isn't mentioned on the bottle. It's a five-star review loaded with exclamation points, so we'll take it as a good sign that Cookie Nookie is a sweet addition to the line-up, even if only a temporary one.

7. Tequila 'Rita

It appears that the Tequila 'Rita was one of the foundational BuzzBallz flavors, with evidence of its existence stretching as far back as 2012. It's no surprise that a margarita-inspired cocktail flavor would easily become one of the favorites in the lineup. It continues to sell well, even after more than a decade. But we don't want you to assume that its track record makes it the best canned margarita out there. Some might argue that this is the cutest brightly-colored single-serving margarita available, but others might argue that the (even smaller and stronger) margarita offered by Tip Top Proper Cocktails gives the BuzzBallz a run for its money. Either way, it's popular. And while it may not be our favorite margarita in the world, out of a BuzzBallz lineup, this is one we'd reach for to get the party started.

The Tequila 'Rita is described as "Premium Tequila, Vodka, & Triple Sec with Natural Flavors, Certified Colors, and FD&C Yellow #5," and it hits all of the essential notes you'd expect from a margarita. It's exceptionally lime-forward, to the point that the alcohol level isn't immediately apparent. Given the strength of the drink, that's an impressive achievement. The Tequila 'Rita is also pretty sweet, but some people who are into sweeter margaritas will approve of this one. If the option's available and you're prepared to dispense with the cute packaging, we'd suggest rimming a glass with salt for a little balance and pouring this margarita over ice.

6. Lotta Colada

If the very first thing you do on vacation is head to the bar for a big frozen tropical drink with at least one piece of fruit in it and a little paper umbrella, you may be the right candidate for the Lotta Colada BuzzBallz flavor. The ingredients list premium rum, coconut cream, pineapple & lime juices, and natural flavors. We were able to try this drink for ourselves, and it's essentially an ultra-condesnsed Pina Colada. The rum isn't as noticeable, taking a backseat to the strong coconut and pineapple flavors. The little drink is incredibly sweet, which is our biggest issue with it. We'd be tempted to pour two of these into a blender with some ice and plain coconut water just to balance out how sweet it is. At that point, we can imagine drifting away to an island paradise, even if only in our minds.

This drink has the second highest calorie count of all of the BuzzBallz drinks behind the Choc Tease, coming in at 289 calories for just a 6.75-ounce drink. That felt like a lot, but we're also aware that Pina Coladas aren't really known for being low-calorie drinks. According to Newsweek, the average Pina Colada can run you up to 650 calories. So two cans of the Lotta Colada is comparable, all things considered.

5. Cran Blaster

The Cran Blaster is undeniably the BuzzBallz answer to a Cosmopolitan. It endearingly reminds us of all the vodka cranberries we'd order at the bar during college, at the peak of the "Sex and the City" craze (yes, some of us are that old, move along) — not knowing that we were actually ordering a Cape Cod cocktail. If this is the first time you're learning about this, a true Cosmopolitan is a bit more nuanced, containing both lime juice and Cointreau along with the vodka and cranberry juice.

Once again, this cocktail is boozy. But given that it's such a classic cocktail, in this particular scenario, we think that's how it should actually be. The cranberry is predictably bittersweet, and probably a little sweeter than regular cranberry juice, but it's not as offensively sweet as some other flavors. Or maybe by this point in the BuzzBallz tasting, our tasters were sufficiently buzzed enough that everything was A-OK.

We think the Cran Blaster is one of the more approachable BuzzBallz flavors, but a little doctoring to turn it into a respectable cocktail would still help. This particular flavor is a popular choice for turning into cocktails, and the BuzzBallz Pinterest page has an impressive amount of cocktail recipes to get you started. It doesn't hurt to get creative, but if you're sort on supplies and patience, a Cran Blaster poured over ice with some club soda or lemon-lime soda seems like a perfectly refreshing drink to us.

4. Pineapple Jalapeño

Sweet heat is popular in the cocktail world, a world that BuzzBallz makes a splash in with Pineapple Jalapeño. This variety is full of juicy tropical fruit flavor peppered with a streak of fiery green sizzle to keep things from getting too sugary. An ingredient rundown reveals tequila and vodka with lime and pineapple juices sharing space in the bottle. No contribution from actual jalapeños is mentioned, only "natural flavors," which in this case probably means chile, though the source of the natural flavor could actually be something un-jalapeño-ish. It's easier to just pop the top and enjoy the ride than to think too much about how the company gets the fire in the formula.

Such an unusual combination should surely stir up interest from eager beverage lovers. Reviewer OMGJulissa1 on TikTok has only good things to say, describing the heat level as lower than the Chili Mango BuzzBallz flavor. YouTuber NB4CH also heaps praise on this novel alcoholic mélange, but suggests it could use even more jalapeño spice to balance out the pineapple sweetness. If the internet is to be believed, with a refreshment this thoughtful and affordable available at local grocers and liquor retailers, you can create your own island oasis wherever you decide to sip.

3. Chili Mango

We know that BuzzBallz aren't exactly made for fine dinner party settings, but they'd be perfectly at home at a cookout or while eating tacos on the beach. And the Chili Mango BuzzBallz flavor might be the most appropriate flavor for enjoying with some foods fresh off the grill. The Chili Mango flavor is made with vodka, tequila, and natural flavors, and was released in July of 2021. While it isn't as widely available as some other flavors, it's one of the more highly-praised flavors. The drink hit the market in Texas and California first, according to Brewbound, but will hopefully have a wider release through 2022 and into 2023.

The guys over at Wreckless Eating on YouTube posted their first taste of the Chili Mango BuzzBallz when it was released, and gave us a first-hand account of what to expect. They noticed that the drink has a nice mango scent when it's first opened, which is more approachable than an overwhelming alcohol smell. The flavor is comfortably drinkable, and the chili shows up well enough to tingle the senses. Because of the subtle burn, it's not really recommended as a chugging drink — but should you really be chugging a 15% ABV cocktail? We're not your mom, we'll let you make your own choices. One of the tasters likens the drink to a Tequila Sunrise, which obviously also includes tequila, but is typically paried with orange juice and grenadine for its signature sunrise color effect.

2. Hazelnut Latte

We're big fans of spiked coffee drinks, and would never pass on an Irish Coffee topped with a substantial amount of whipped cream — regardless of what time of day (or night) it is. Before the Espresso Martini flavor was released, there was the Hazelnut Latte Buzzballz flavor, which even won the Century Award at the Proof Awards in Las Vegas in 2021. For a lineup of 13 drinks to include two coffee-flavored cocktails, it's pretty clear that the flavor creators over at BuzzBallz must also think highly of the breakfast bean drink.

For an idea of how the Hazelnut Latte BuzzBallz tastes, we once again turned to TikTok to give us an honest review. TikTok-er Kundymedia gathered a few friends to give the drink a taste, and all four tasters agreed that the Hazelnut Latte flavor was an absolute win. The drink has an appealing hazelnut coffee scent that translates smoothly to the taste of the drink. The alcohols used in this particular drink are vodka and orange wine, and we imagine that strong alcohol content is somewhat balanced by the coffee and cream flavors. We honestly wouldn't even mind livening up our iced latte from Dunkin' by mixing it with one of these drinks every now and then.

1. Forbidden Apple

One sip of the Forbidden Apple BuzzBallz, and we swore that they had just melted down all of the green apple Jolly Ranchers, poured booze into the liquified candy, and repackaged it into brightly-colored green spheres before selling our childhoods back to us with a much higher alcohol content. And well, we're not mad about it. In fact, most of our tasters found the nostalgia of it all to be satisfying at worst, and a delicious walk down memory lane at best.

This is one of the few BuzzBallz flavors that we don't think absolutely needs to be mixed to taste better, but if you're feeling creative, BuzzBallz has created an Apple Spritzer recipe where the Forbidden Apple is mixed with Prosecco for a playful and weirdly green sparkling cocktail.

Interestingly, the Forbidden Apple BuzzBallz has the lowest carbohydrate count of any of the flavors. It contains only 11.7 grams of carbohydrates, where several of the other flavors can pack in 20 or more grams of carbs. Not surprisingly, the Forbidden Apple also has the lowest calorie count of all of the BuzzBallz flavors, which are all more than 200 calories each. For reference, the average calorie count of a BuzzBallz drink is 246 calories, for a roughly 6¾-ounce drink. A 5-ounce glass of wine averages about 123 calories, and a 12-ounce can of beer averages about 154 calories. BuzzBallz may pack double the alcohol content, but they often pack double the calorie content as well.