The Oddly Specific Food-Related Subreddit You Never Knew You Needed

It's no secret that Reddit has a wide range of content, from helpful reviews to weirdly niche topics. For example, one Reddit thread discusses which fast food apps have the best deals, while another thread shares photos of bread stapled to trees, and yet another thread celebrates trees that look like they're eating things (via

Other Reddit threads tell the tales of employees shook by "cursed food orders," like fruit dipped in ranch, meatball subs minus the meatballs, and fish tacos smothered with whipped cream. Another Subreddit is dedicated to a fake burrito invention Reddit is begging to become real so burrito-lovers can catch and reuse fallen toppings.

As strange as these Subreddits may be, they're still nowhere near as odd as the Shower Orange thread. Yes, there is indeed an entire Reddit page devoted to "the consumption of various citrus fruits whilst taking a shower." But wait, it gets even weirder. 

What are Redditors eating in the shower – and why?

The Shower Orange thread on Reddit was created in 2015 for people to share their experiences of eating in the shower, with one person comparing it to being "a monkey in a waterfall." Since then, the Subreddit has gained more than 76,000 followers.

Although the page is dedicated to oranges and other citrus fruits, sometimes other foods pop up in the thread. For instance, Redditors who didn't have oranges have substituted avocados, mangoes, and even 7-Eleven's famous Slurpees. Someone else went a step further and posted a photo of a "shower Reuben," noting that they hoped there was "a little orange zest in the Thousand Island" (via Reddit).

According to The Takeout, the shower Reuben also went viral on Twitter, largely because of its absurdity. Today's internet humor favors posts that take weird things and make them seem normal, and the Shower Orange thread is a perfect example of this phenomenon. If we're to believe Reddit, the shower Reuben sandwich is an experience like no other.