The Donut Shortage That Has Dunkin' Employees Talking

America runs on Dunkin' — so when the donut chain is running low on Munchkins or other favorites, fans go into a frenzy. After all, for donut lovers, a thoroughly glazed, jelly-filled treat just hits differently than any other breakfast. With the franchise continuing to evolve during unpredictable times, fans have spotted menu fluctuations at locations across the country, with a recent example being the popular Strawberry Refreshers that are a staple during the heat-stricken summer but are currently hard to find. Dunkin's spring menu, meanwhile, gave customers a new cornbread donut and a tomato pesto grilled cheese.

This month, Dunkin's late summer menu was reportedly leaked, with Reddit detectives taking note of a new brown sugar cold brew coffee and an everything-stuffed mini bagel. Although new foods keep on coming, a number of companies have suffered from food shortages in 2022, and it seems as though the coffee and donut behemoth is no exception. With Reddit speculating that ingredients have been running out, Dunkin' fans have noticed yet another fan-favorite menu offering going missing.

The blueberry cake donuts and Munchkins seem to have disappeared

Reddit is at its Dunkin' detective game again, and this time it's the blueberry cake donuts and Munchkins that have employees and fans of the chain talking. U/Remarkable_One_5240 claimed, "I work in a metro Memphis, TN store and we have been out of blueberry cake donuts/munchkins for WEEKS. It's quite infuriating. Do any of my compatriots know why and if we are EVER getting them back?" It seems as though this worker is not the only person who realized this, as several commenters from other states agreed.

The thread included a statement from u/Less_Yam6954, who said, "I work at a store in Indiana. We haven't had them either. Customers are not happy about it. Yesterday, we ended up baking some that we had in the freezer." Another commenter mentioned Western Massachusetts has yet to see the donuts come back as well. Some fans are worried that the blueberry offerings may have been discontinued, but others explained that the shortage could be due to the way the chain's donut deliveries are scheduled, or to a general shortage of the menu item. Regardless, it sounds like a pretty urgent mystery for Dunkin' to solve: One Redditor joked that "wanting those Munchkins and not being able to have any is a legit medical condition."