The Sam's Club-Exclusive Doritos Flavor That Has Shoppers Buzzing

Membership has its privileges, especially when it comes to Sam's Club. The Walmart-owned warehouse chain is similar to Costco in that it's a destination where shoppers can buy in bulk as long as they are members. Of course, per Money Talks News, there are a few services like using the pharmacy, the optometrist, and the alcohol section that can be done without Sam's Club membership card. But if you do have a card, sometimes you save money on the items being sold and you can get exclusive access to products that other stores aren't carrying. From their party-stealing ready-to-drink margarita pack to selling the cheapest rotisserie chicken, you can find a wide variety of products your kitchen pantry may need. 

In fact, there are plenty of Sam's Club food items that have cult followings, and the retailer has just added another such product to its shelves that Doritos lovers may find of interest. Taste of Home reveals there have been over a 100 different variations of Doritos flavors since this savory snack food was created, and Sam's Club recently shared with Mashed that they are playing host to a re-released fan flavor favorite for those with taste buds with a propensity for a bit of a fiery kick.

A Doritos cult favorite flavor is back

Per an announcement obtained by Mashed, Sam's Club shared that their members can purchase Blazin' Buffalo and Ranch Doritos exclusively at Sam's Club. They are being sold in 19 oz. bags for $4.48 for a limited time. This news is sure to have fans of this flavor, particularly those who are part of the "Bring back Blazin Buffalo Ranch Doritos to Cbus" Facebook community, excited. Even Chrissy Teigen is pumped about this Doritos flavor that is described as both "tangy" and "spicy," having posted to her Instagram stories about it.

According to the blogger The Impulsive Buy, these Doritos were first introduced in 2006 and then again in 2011. They have quite the online following and it isn't limited to Facebook groups. Redditors also share a love for these chips. A year ago, one fan wrote, "The best flavor so hard to find in Texas now a days." And another shared, "They're fantastic. Highly recommend if you get a chance to purchase a few bags." Well, now they can scoop them up at Sam's Club.