Bobby Flay's Favorite Meal Of The Week May Surprise You

Bobby Flay is known and loved for his cooking competition shows, cookbooks, podcasts, and Food Network hosting gigs. He even shares his fame with his adorably fluffy cat, Nacho Flay. However, at the heart of it all, Flay is still a chef. According to Flay's website, he owns Bobby Flay Steak, the Vegas restaurant Amalfi, and seven locations of Bobby's Burgers.

Flay is no stranger to bold flavors. His now-closed restaurant, Mesa Grill, focused on Southwest cooking and ingredients. Eater Las Vegas notes that some of his signature dishes included shrimp and roasted corn tamale and ancho chile-honey-glazed salmon. While his Southwestern flair sounds drool-worthy, it may be surprising to note that diners particularly loved his brunch menu — in 2015, Eater Las Vegas named Mesa Grill one of the city's 53 essential brunch spots. Diners' favorites included the ranch-style eggs tostada and a blue corn buttermilk waffle.

Even though Mesa Grill transformed into Amalfi in 2021, brunch is not something that Flay forgot about.

Bobby Flay loves brunch

It's pretty unusual for a restaurant chef to love brunch. After sweating it out over a stove for a packed Saturday night dinner service, waking up early to cook brunch is typically the last thing on a cook's mind. According to Thrillist, brunch is ridiculously overpriced and is often made up of leftover ingredients that the kitchen needs to use, or toss. Plus, to save the restaurant money, less experienced chefs tend to be the ones preparing the meal.

Even so, it's not shocking that Bobby Flay is serious about brunch. After all, he spent 7 seasons cooking up unique and tasty brunch recipes on his show "Brunch @ Bobby's" (per Food Network). In an interview with Bon Appetit, Flay stated that he takes a "militant" approach with his staff. At 10 a.m. sharp, he locks the doors to his restaurant. If the staff isn't inside and ready to go, they don't work. He wants his staff to take brunch as seriously as any dinner service.

What are Bobby Flay's favorite brunch items at home? Pitchers of cocktails and rosé are must-haves, even at 10 'o'clock in the morning. According to his Bon Appetit interview, Flay doesn't skimp on selection. Go to his house on a Sunday morning and you'll find pancakes, waffles, biscuits, and fresh jam. The hardest part may just be scoring an invite.