Joel McHale Continues His Snack Feud With Ken Jeong - Exclusive

Actor, comedian, and closet foodie, Joel McHale arguably loves to snack as much as he loves to joke. As the newest ambassador for Rold Gold pretzels, McHale is helping the beloved brand celebrate 106 years in business, and the pivotal place in pop culture it has taken up along the way. McHale is also taking the opportunity to have a little fun — and poke a little fun — along the way.

Who else would he take aim at than his number one frenemy, Ken Jeong? The fellow "Community" castmate spoke with Mashed earlier this year about his partnership with Planters peanuts, and the heated #Plantersallorone debate between he and McHale, which took the internet by storm during the Super Bowl. He made sure to give McHale a good ribbing along the way.

Now, the tables have turned once again, but this time, the snack in question is iconic Rold Gold pretzels. Speaking exclusively with Mashed, McHale clapped back at Jeong, continuing a months-long snack feud. You'll laugh, you'll cheer, and you'll probably want some pretzels along the way.

How Ken Joeng might 'handle' a pretzel, according to Joel McHale

When speaking with McHale about his partnership with Rold Gold, we had to ask McHale about how he likes to eat pretzels. "I usually start on the side. Then I go [to the other side], then I complete it. Three bites for me," he says. While that may not have been the answer we were expecting, it did bring up some fond memories of his previous snacking showdown with his pal Ken Jeong. The two had social media up in arms over the best way to eat mixed nuts – one at a time or by the mouthful – and it's still not clear how the debate shakes out. According to McHale, "So sorry, Ken Jeong, but I won."

The whole silly scenario prompted the question of how Jeong might eat pretzels. Would he munch one by one, as he does peanuts, or by the fistful? We asked McHale, and the response was hilarious: "The pretzels look really big in his tiny little hands, so he'll probably eat them with two hands. He's probably gotta have six fingers on them at once there, because he's got to hold that big pretzel." Gauntlet thrown, Jeong. The ball — and the pretzels — are now in your court.

All jokes aside, the two have a longstanding friendship, which makes the roasting all the more fun. "He's one of my best friends of all time," says McHale, adding, "don't tell him I said it! I'm going to cry." Gotta keep up the charade, of course, and hopefully, the snack feud as well.

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