Duff Goldman's Daughter Looks Like She Set Off A Bamba Bomb, And Instagram Loves It

Discovering the right snack food is a big deal for all ages. That includes the age of COVID, during which many people were stuck at home and increased their snacking as time went on, according to the market research firm, Mordor Intelligence. Per Study Finds, the company Moonstruck Chocolate arranged for a 2019 survey about people's snacking habits. The investigators estimated that Americans spend about $500 a month on snacks, which equates to roughly $30,000 over a lifetime.

Clearly, snacks are an important part of our lives, and boy, are there a lot out there to choose from. It's hard to say what the most popular snack foods are. From Pringles to Doritos to Little Debbie snack cakes to hummus and pita, the world of snacks is as limitless as your taste buds and imagination. If the snacker is the daughter of Duff Goldman, one might imagine that cake is somehow involved. But the celebrity cake maker has given us reason to believe his little girl's recent food journey led to a different destination, maybe even a detonation. Goldman shared a photo on Instagram that has us imagining the bundle of energy setting off a Bamba explosion, and it is too cute.

Was she just saving some for later?

Duff Goldman posted a photo on Instagram of his little one, Josephine, looking a little on the dusty side. But of course, it wasn't dust. He captioned the pic, "Drove around Tennessee today. Parked the car and my daughter was completely covered in @bamba crumbs." One look and you can tell Duffman's daughter is definitely a Bamba fan.

Bamba is an Israeli snack food that the No Camels Foundation described as a "peanut butter-flavored puffed maize snack-in-a-bag." Think Cheetos, but peanut butter-flavored. Bamba has been touted as a safe way to introduce babies to peanuts to help reduce the rising number of peanut allergies in kids. And, apparently, all you have to do is look at the cute photo of Goldman's daughter to conclude she was having a blast with them.

The photo has racked up close to 7,900 likes and counting, and it appears that some fans can relate to Josephine. One IGer wrote, "I don't blame her. Bamba is delicious lol." While another joked, "Just saving some for later within easy reach." Smart. Yet, even covered in Bamba's golden crumbs, some followers couldn't get over how angelic Goldman's daughter appeared. One commenter summed it up with, "@johnnapgoldman her lips are everything...my goodness she literally looks like a porcelain doll."