The Menu Modification That Will Improve Pizza's Taste

Whichever city you're in, chances are there's a pizza joint nearby. You may even have access to a variety of pizza styles near you, including classics like New York thin crust and Chicago deep dish. Then there's the question of pizza toppings, which are just about unlimited and a source of great debate. However, one thing that everyone wants is their pizza of choice assembled and cooked perfectly. For most pizza lovers, that usually means a crisp crust, ooey-gooey cheese, and a combination of sauce and toppings that's pleasing to the palate.

Unfortunately, the perfect slice of pizza can be harder to come across than one might think. With such a large number of popular pizza chains out there, you run the risk of encountering the occasional subpar slice. But there's good news, too. If you're worried you might be in store for a sad-looking pie at your next restaurant visit, there's one simple menu modification you can make that'll ensure you get a good slice each time.

Well-done is the way to go

Just like you can order a steak or a hamburger well-done, Eater reveals that you can ask for your pizza well-done too. Most cooks won't take issue with leaving your pizza in the oven for a few extra minutes. Plus, it's a simple request that can be accommodated regardless of what type of commercial pizza oven the restaurant uses.

The benefits of a well-done pizza include both improved taste and texture. A crust that is too pale, soggy, or flavorless when made at its usual cooking time will instead become golden brown, slightly nutty, and crisp enough to hold all that sauce and cheese. Any toppings you ordered — especially veggies — will have time to cook off their water, acquire a slight char, and release some of their natural flavors. 

Ordering well-done is an even more crucial modification if you're ordering to-go or delivery. Ask for well-done and you'll ensure that you're not getting an undercooked pizza that becomes even more soggy as it steams up inside its pizza box. Even if you're not ordering a slice from the best pizzeria in New York, Eater insists those few extra minutes in the oven will be well worth the wait and help level up even the most mundane of pizza slices.