The Walmart Vs. Whole Foods Comparison That Had TikTok Losing It

Most people place varying levels of priority on certain factors when choosing a grocery store, whether it's cost-effectiveness at the checkout line, freshness, or the overall environment of the store. With these factors in mind, both Walmart and Whole Foods provide quality food items and vast selections at their locations, making the choice of one over the other a difficult one.

Walmart provides countless deals on everyday items, including produce. Though you can find killer sales on items like red wine and rare closeout prices on specific items at Wally World, Whole Foods claims to be "America's Healthiest Grocery Store" advertising a long list of ingredients they don't allow in their stores including artificial sweeteners and colors, bleached flour, and partially hydrogenated oils (via Whole Foods Market). While there are some helpful tips when shopping at Whole Foods to make the most of your shopping experience, the well-known health food store is commonly known for the whole paycheck you will likely spend when shopping there.

While some argue that the overall cost savings and assortment of products at Walmart supersede Whole Foods (per Business Insider), research suggests with the rise in competition for organic produce, Whole Foods prices have gone down a bit in the last few years, per Investopedia. With all of this comparison abounding, it's no surprise the debate turned into a viral TikTok.

A relatable shopping experience

One TikTok comedian posted a video of himself as he walked through Whole Foods, commenting on all the obvious yet humorous differences between the upscale grocery store and Walmart. The video went viral, with thousands of users mostly agreeing with the reel and thanking the creator, @gregisms, for the laughs in the comment section.  TikTok users especially appreciated his joke about "asparagus milk" as he referenced all the different non-dairy kinds of milk available. Given the asparagus water scandal Whole Foods underwent in 2015, this joke especially hit home for the health food store's frequent shoppers. 

Users also resonated with his line, "The only thing I'm rolling back here is my retirement." For those who aren't frequent Walmart shoppers, roll-backs are essentially sales on specific items, indicating more are on the way for the major corporation due to the rise in inflation, per CNN.

The TikTok made such an impact because most of this creator's thoughts are ones you've probably had from time to time when shopping at the boutique-like store but never have the courage to say out loud. Between his witty comments on over-priced kale and apparel made of plant matter when he stated, "Who's buying clothes at Whole Foods?" — the reel is definitely one many can relate to. Now that you've seen the endless yet expensive options at Whole Foods, the future of Walmart also looks promising with bigger and better storefronts and even more produce options. Which one do you choose?