Every Dum Dums Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

Dum Dums are an iconic candy. These lollipops have been a crucial part of so many crucial childhoods. They were invented in 1924, and the company was purchased from the original manufacturer by Spangler Candy in 1953. When this brand was established, Dum Dums were offered in just seven flavors; however, since then, the company has introduced and discontinued flavors, toying with the emotions and taste buds of its consumers. 

Flavors that were once iconic, like buttered popcorn, are no longer available, although some may be glad that this is the case. Today, Dum Dums are available in a variety of different flavors, including brand partnership flavors such as Hawaiian Punch and Sour Patch Kids. That said, not all Dum Dums flavors are created equal. If you're going to venture into the world of Dum Dums, then you should definitely find out which flavors are worth your time and which ones you should simply skip. 

26. Watermelon

Watermelon is, without a doubt, the worst Dum Dums flavor. This flavor doesn't bring much to the table. The taste is by far the most blatantly artificial of all Dum Dums varieties. While we weren't expecting an organic lollipop flavored with natural juices and fruit extract, the watermelon lollipop left a fake flavor in our mouths that was not pleasant at all. This lollipop has an unpleasant aftertaste that simply isn't worth it. 

While this flavor tries to taste like watermelon, it does not succeed. If you really like watermelon, then you will be disappointed by how fake this flavor tastes, and if you don't like watermelon, then the few traces of watermelon taste in this lollipop may still bother you, so you should probably steer clear of this flavor anyway. Either way, this flavor is not a great option. Luckily, Dum Dums are available in lots of other flavors. 

25. Lemon Lime

One would think that a lollipop flavored with two sour fruits, lemon, and lime, would be tangy and pack a puckering sour-sweet punch. Unfortunately, the Lemon Lime flavor of Dum Dums does neither. It is incredibly mild and fairly bland. 

Lemon and Lime were two of the original Dum Dums flavors. The Lemon Lime flavor was invented in 2015, and it was likely a combination of the lemon and lime flavors, although it does not quite work. It is not that the flavors are washed out by the sweetness of the lollipop. Sure, this lollipop flavor is sweet, but so are Lemonheads, and they still bring a nice dose of the sour taste. 

It would seem that whatever Spangler Candy uses to flavor these Dum Dums is more focused on the basic flavor of the lemons and limes without providing any of the citric acids that really make these flavors pop. Overall, this lollipop simply does not have the desired effect. On the plus side, Spangler Candy may one day release the sour citrus Dum Dums of our dreams.

24. Pineapple Coconut

Do you enjoy eating suntan lotion? If the answer is yes, then Pineapple Coconut is the perfect Dum Dums flavor for you! Pineapple Coconut is one of the brand's original flavors that was released in 1953. However, just because this is an oldie doesn't mean it's a goodie. This flavor tastes like a terrible piña colada. The coconut is overwhelming, and while the brand is aiming for a  tropical feel on this one, this lollipop actually tastes like the smell of 1970s-era Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil It's incredibly unappealing. 

If you love coconut you may like this flavor but that's only if you really like coconut. The taste of pineapple in this lollipop is, sadly, more of an aftertaste than anything else. The brand no longer offers this flavor as part of its original lineup, so if you really want one, you have to commit to a two-pound bag from the company's website. We do not recommend it.

23. Banana Split

Creating Banana Split flavored Dum Dums is a bold move from Spangler Candy. This lollipop is the brand's attempt at trying to wrap banana, chocolate, crushed pineapple, strawberries, chocolate syrup, as well as vanilla and strawberry ice cream into a tiny lollipop. This is a lot to ask of anyone, so it's no wonder that Spangler Candy failed. This lollipop does have a banana-like flavor, but that's where the similarities end.

If you tried this flavor without any context, then you would never guess this lollipop is banana split-flavored. While this is not the worst of the Dum Dums flavors and the fruity flavor is not entirely unpleasant, the lack of connection between the advertised flavor and the actual taste of the lollipop means that this flavor is definitely not one of the best. The people at the Dum Dums brand really bit off more than they could chew with this flavor. 

22. Orange

It's not that the Orange Dum Dums are bad per se, it's just that it's not particularly exciting. This flavor, like the watermelon, tastes noticeably artificial and is reminiscent of an orange Lifesaver: This lollipop has that very sweet orange-like taste. The overall taste is appealing enough but this flavor really does not stand out in the crowd. Dum Dums are known for the wide variety of exciting flavors that feature some truly original and out-there concoctions, and that's exactly why this sweet yet slightly boring flavor is a little bit expected and underwhelming. 

It may be one of the classic flavors, but it simply does not wow the senses. Considering all the other exciting and innovative Dum Dums flavors out there, this one definitely isn't the best option. While this flavor is unlikely to be your first choice, it's definitely better than some of the other, more exciting varieties. 

21. Tropical Freeze

Based on the wrapper, it's kind of hard to figure out the specific taste of this lollipop. Even after having tried it, we have no idea what this flavor is supposed to be. The Tropical Freeze flavor is blue and it's vaguely fruity. Blue Icees are typically blue raspberry flavored; however,  Dum Dums are already available in a separate blue raspberry flavor that is far superior to this one. 

Honestly, we're not exactly sure what the company was trying to do with this flavor. The fact that we can't tell exactly what kind of lollipop this is or the specific combination of flavors that it contains is pretty disconcerting. If we wanted a surprise, we would just have one of those mystery-flavored Dum Dums. It's odd that this flavor is included in the tropical mix. While it does have "tropical" in its name, the frozen drink theme of this lollipop is quite confusing. We won't miss this flavor too much if it is eventually discontinued.

20. Blueberry Burst

Oh, Blueberry Burst, in the words of Eleanor Shellstrop, you're basic. I mean, this flavor is okay. It's not that it's terrible, it's just nothing special. No one seems to have strong feelings one way or the other towards it, which makes sense given its completely boring nature. This flavor has been added and removed from the company's lineup multiple times in the past decade.

Did Dum Dum lovers even notice that this flavor was no longer in the classic assortment bag? No? We did not think so. That's because this is an all-too forgettable flavor. This lollipop can still be purchased individually, but honestly, why bother? If you really like blueberries, go for it. Keep in mind, though, that the blueberry taste in this lollipop is pretty artificial. It packs more of a punch than eating blueberries on their own, which could be a good thing if that is really what you want. Otherwise, the blueberry burst is simply not worth the effort.

19. Caramel Apple

Why bother using the recipe for Caramel Apple Dum Dums that uses sour apple pops and is featured on the brand's website when you could just have the Caramel Apple Dum Dums that the company produces? Probably because the result of the recipe will taste better. Caramel apples are delicious, with their sweet and tart flavor combination, and unfortunately, the Caramel Apple Dum Dums lollipop flavor simply does not hit the spot. 

We understand that the company was aiming for a niche market with this limited edition, holiday-themed flavor but this flavor is far from ideal. Homemade caramel apples are likely to taste much better. The company also seems to have repurposed the color of the sour apple for the caramel apple flavor, making them nearly indistinguishable from each other in terms of appearance. Overall, while the Caramel Apple Dum Dums are not horrendous or inedible, they are not very good either.

18. Strawberry Milkshake

This milkshake-based Dum Dums flavor is quite good. Over the years, Spangler Candy has released a number of strawberry-based flavors like the classic Strawberry and the Strawberry Kiwi flavors. The Strawberry Milkshake is the clear loser among the three. Caromuns, a user on Tik Tok, said it best in her 10-second review, simply stating,  "waste of time." That absolutely sums it up. 

We would not spit this lollipop out; it's not that bad. However, similar to the Blueberry Blast, it's difficult to see the point of this flavor. The Strawberry Milkshake Dum Dums taste fine; they're sweet and they have a creamy strawberry flavor. However, there's nothing that sets them apart from other, better, strawberry flavors. If you are going out of your way to buy a bag of limited edition lollipops, then you should opt for a better flavor of lollipops and not waste your time with these.

17. Sour Apple

One of the best aspects of the Sour Apple Dum Dums flavor is that, unlike the Lemon Lime flavor, which is frustratingly bland, the Sour Apply does have a bit of sourness to it, though not a ton. While these lollipops are not quite as sour as we would hope, especially for a candy that literally has "sour" in the title, we still love this flavor. The apple part of this lollipop is quite palpable. This Dum Dums variety was respectably appley, and as long as you enjoy apple-flavored candies, it's likely that you will appreciate this flavor.

This flavor was introduced in 1991 and was briefly discontinued. It returned in 2001 and has been a part of the lineup ever since. This lollipop itself is a bright neon green color, not unlike a Jolly Rancher. It's always nice to have a candy that is a little tart along with all the other sweet varieties; however, Spangler Candy doesn't seem to want to offer a truly sour-tasting product. Maybe someday we will get a true pucker from a Dum Dums flavor, but today is not that day.

16. Fruit Punch

Here's the thing about the Fruit Punch Dum Dums: Though it's similar to the Hawaiian Punch flavor, this is an original Dum Dums flavor that is available in the classic mix assortment. We are not entirely sure what the issue is regarding this fruit punch flavor. If the wrapper is any indication, this lollipop likely includes cherry, watermelon, pineapple, and what appears to be an orange.

But Dum Dums wrappers are not always known for being accurate; take the Cream Soda Dum Dums wrapper, for example. Regardless of the specific flavors within this lollipop, while we did not love the Fruit Punch lollipop, we didn't dislike it either.

It was a solid, indistinguishably fruity lollipop. This one is offered in a bright hot pink color that tastes like childhood fruit drinks. We may not buy the two-pound single flavor bag of this flavor any time soon, but we would happily grab one from the mix of different lollipops. 

15. Grape

Grape flavor can be pretty divisive. People often love it or hate it, or worse, associate the artificial grape flavor with the taste of childhood medicines. Grape Dum Dums do not taste like the grapes most people are used to eating, which can be a little off-putting. Instead, the Grape Dum Dums taste exactly like that artificial grape flavor that so many of us know. 

According to Indiana Public Media, the reason for this is because the compound used in grape-flavored things is present only in native North American grape varieties, such as Concord, not the grapes we are used to eating as a snack. Concord grapes possess a signature purple hue that shows up in these Dum Dums. 

If you can get past the flashbacks of children's cold medicines, then a concord-flavored grape Dum Dums lollipop is pleasant. The color is fun, it will turn your tongue purple, and the taste is pretty good when compared to some other artificial tasting flavors.

14. Mystery

Mystery Dum Dums are for the adventurous lollipop enthusiast. You never know what you are going to get, it could be good, or it could be bad, and in all likelihood, each time you opt for the mystery experience, you'll be met with a completely new lollipop flavor. The mystery Dum Dums flavor was originally created as a way to save time and prevent waste. 

According to Today, instead of shutting machines down between flavors, the company often ran one flavor into the other. This saved time, but it also meant there was a batch of lollipops that contained both flavors. Rather than throw out those multi-flavor concoctions, the company packaged them and sold them as mystery flavors. 

Though the company says that this does not happen as frequently anymore, the Mystery Flavor continues on. Due to the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of these lollipops, this is an option that may turn out good or bad and will always keep you guessing. 

13. Strawberry Kiwi

While most of the Dum Dums flavors give us fond childhood memories, this one verges into the late 90s and Y2K territory. It smells exactly like Strawberry Kiwi Comet Lip Smacker and we are not the only ones who think so. The Strawberry Kiwi Dum Dums might give you a very real sense of nostalgia when you first unwrap them. And the flavor is pretty good too.

Do not get us wrong; this objectively tastes artificial, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you liked Lip Smackers, then you will definitely enjoy this flavor. Even if you don't have any experience with lip smackers, this flavor takes a nice tropical take on candy, with a bit of the classic strawberry Dum Dums flavor mixed in. While this is not our favorite flavor, and it may not be for everybody, overall, it's quite enjoyable and it makes a solid addition to Dum Dums' limited edition lineup.

12. Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Dum Dums were released as a special edition holiday flavor in 2019. While you cannot buy the original limited-edition bag anymore, you can still purchase whole bags of Dum Dums directly from Spangler Candy. We can see why this was released as a holiday flavor. These lollipops are very sweet, like festive holiday treats. This flavor is good, and we enjoyed the overall taste. 

If you enjoy birthday cake and lollipops, you will likely also enjoy this flavor. But honestly, the whole birthday cake thing is a little overdone. Sure it is sweet and mild, but that is what we have in a better flavor, Cream Soda. The candy even has an opaque and somewhat creamy white color similar to Cream Soda Dum Dums. It does not taste exactly like cream soda, but it seems to try and fill a similar hole in the market that just was not there.

11. Bubble Gum

Some might argue that Bubble Gum is one of the best Dum Dums flavors. This flavor was introduced in 2002 and it tastes exactly like bubblegum: Disconcertingly so. This flavor almost tastes a little too much like bubble gum. It honestly tastes a little too much like bubble gum. Spangler Candy gets points for the accuracy of this flavor, although this means that it can be hard to enjoy this lollipop without trying to chew it and blowing bubbles. 

The flavor of this bubble gum is shrouded in mystery. Mashed has written about this bubblegum flavor in the past, and according to our research, "bubblegum" flavor is a nondescript combination of fruit-like flavors, which is exactly the case with this lollipop flavor. To top it all off, this candy is a bright bubblegum pink. 

Spangler Candy really hit the nail on the head with the entire experience. If the brand had tried a slight variation of the bubblegum flavor then this lollipop might be better, but as it currently stands, the urge to blow bubbles with this is too strong for this lollipop, which keeps this from being one of the best Dum Dums flavors.  

10. Root Beer

Some may argue that Root Beer is one of an excellent Dum Dums flavor. Others will argue that it's one of the worst. Like grape, root beer is a flavor you love or despise. Despite Spangler Candy labeling this as the third most popular flavor, informal surveys indicate that many people hate this classic flavor and feel that it is easily the weakest link.

Root Beer was an early flavor addition for the company: It premiered the same year that Spangler acquired Dum Dums and the original seven flavors. It was the first flavor to be added to the lineup after those original seven. Root beer is typically made of the root of the sassafras tree, hence its name. 

These days, however, root beer is available in a multitude of flavors, including vanilla, wintergreen, and licorice. The minty and licorice flavors of root beer can be polarizing, so it is no wonder some people love this flavor while others don't enjoy this it quite as much. Overall, Root Beer Dum Dums are sweet and earthy, and a pretty good Dum Dums option. 

9. Berry Lemonade

The Dum Dums brand has introduced several fruit lemonade-based flavors over the years. The original 1953 lineup included plain lemon-flavored Dum Dums. Although the sour Dum Dums flavors are not particularly potent, we weren't too disappointed by this one.

In 2005, Spangler Candy premiered a pink lemonade flavor, which is still one of the top past flavors, according to Dum Dums. This pink lemonade flavor was discontinued in 2013. Raspberry Lemonade was added in 2013 but then dropped in 2015 for the mediocre Lemon Lime.

Most recently, the brand has released the Berry Lemonade as a limited-edition flavor, and it's phenomenal. Dum Dums Lemonade flavors seem to be the company's sweet spot. 

Putting aside any expectation of sourness, the lemon and the berry flavors in this lollipop both shine together to create an enjoyable fruity flavor. We hope that the other lemonade flavors return to the classic lineup soon.

8. Cream Soda

Cream Soda is a fantastic flavor. It's sweet, and it has lovely notes of vanilla, although you wouldn't know this from looking at the wrapper, whcih features a banana, a pineapple, and a random assortment of other citrus fruits. Honestly, the wrapper is probably our biggest gripe with the flavor as a whole, because Cream Soda tastes much better than the flavors suggested by the wrapper. 

And we're not the only ones questioning the wrapper. When someone reached out to the company for comment, a representative responded that since there is not a single fruit that makes the cream soda flavor, a representative responded that since there is not a single fruit flavor in the ice cream soda lollipop, the brand decided to put several different fruits on the wrapper. You know, instead of a vanilla bean or a soda bottle, because fruit makes much more sense.

Despite the wrapper, the flavor is somehow both unassuming and absolutely delightful. This flavor is ranked as the fifth most popular flavor on Spengler Candy's informal "vote your favorite flavor" poll, so we know it is beloved by the masses. While it is not our absolute favorite flavor, it is hard to find fault in this dreamy creamy lollipop.

7. Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit Dum Dums came out of left field and surprised us. Like many of the Dum Dums, this one is incredibly sweet, more so than other dragon fruit candies, but it still works incredibly well. 

One of the things that sets this flavor apart is that there aren't really a lot of dragon fruit-flavored candy items out there. This flavor is both exciting and delicious. This lollipop has a fruity yet tropical feel. It's a limited-edition flavor from 2019 but it's also available in its own two-pound bags for those who simply cannot get enough

We aren't the only ones who love it. One Redditor tried this lollipop on a whim and it became their instant favorite, as we can see why. Aside from its unique flavor, the wrapper features a dragon on it, which is pretty cool. Who doesn't want to eat candy wrapped in dragon-themed paper?

6. Cherry

What is better than sucking on a classic cherry lollipop? The correct answer: A few things. As with some other flavors, such as banana and blue raspberry, cherry does not always taste like cherry. That is the case with Cherry Dum Dums. The reason for this is that the flavoring used in this lollipop is actually meant to represent maraschino cherries, not cherries in their natural unaltered form. 

Maraschino cherries are heavily altered and their pits are often removed. Almond flavor is often added to represent and intensify of the pit-like flavor. Cherries and almonds belong to the same plant family. That is why cherry-flavored Dum Dums, while still fruity, contain a bit of an almond flavor. Don't worry, though, if you are allergic to nuts then you can still enjoy this flavor as the Dum Dums are nut-free. While they may not taste like the cherries in a pie, we will happily enjoy these Dum Dums any time.

5. Strawberry

Strawberry Dum Dums are near perfection. This flavor was not part of the original lineup of Dum Dums from 1953 but it was added shortly after, in 1954. While many of the Dum Dums flavors have come and gone over time, Strawberry has remained in the main mix pretty consistently with the expectation of 2016, when strawberry was one of three flavors removed to make room for a summer lineup of flavors. 

Thankfully, the strawberry flavor was returned and has been gracing our Dum Dums bags since. The flavor is sweet and fruity and is everything we could possibly want from a Dum Dums flavor. While this flavor is very good, there are a few other Dum Dums flavors that are somehow even better than strawberry, particularly in terms of creativity. Overall though, we would absolutely hunt through a bag just to find a few strawberry Dum Dums lollipops. 

4. Butterscotch

Butterscotch is one of the top five most popular Dum Dums flavors, according to Spangler Candy. This flavor is sweet with lots of depth. Butterscotch Dum Dums are basically two candies in one. Butterscotch is, after all, a more robust version of caramel. Sugar that has been cooked to caramel stage and hardens into candy. Butterscotch, instead of just remaining sugar, includes molasses, making the flavor more complex and enjoyable. It's no wonder that this is one of the best Dum Dums flavors.

Sure, you could grab yourself a Werther's the next time you have a hankering for butterscotch, but why not just grab these Dum Dums instead? This candy is delicious and it is conveniently placed on a stick. While it may not be as fancy as some of the other flavors, sometimes sticking to a classic is all you need, and Spanglers definitely hit the nail on the head with this one.

3. Peach Mango

Here's an ode to the Peach Mango Dum Dums: Oh, Peach Mango Dum Dums how we love thee. You are new to the Dum Dums world, added in just 2013. You replaced a plain mango flavor and somehow brought more joy into the world with you. Both your flavors are present without being overpowering. Your fruity notes work together in beautiful harmony, we find a burst of summer and sunshine in every lick. 

You outshine all the other fruit-based flavors with your originality. You are phenomenal and peachy keen. Your tastes are unsuspecting, but once a person tries you, there is no going back. The reviewers agree that your flavor is addicting. Young and old alike flock to them, bridging the age taste bud gap, a feat not often accomplished. If Spangler Candy ever tries to get rid of the peach mango flavor, we will be sad beyond words.

2. Cotton Candy

The Cotton Candy is the second-most popular fan-favorite Dum Dums flavor. Which confection says childhood more than cotton candy? This flavor is easy to enjoy; it is sweet and mild. It has almost universal appeal, but what exactly is it? Cotton candy is simply spun sugar with flavoring. This means that cotton candy, as a flavor, is somewhat redundant. 

But say "cotton candy flavor," and most people instantly think of sweet and light flavors. There are two primary flavors for cotton candy. The first is blue raspberry. The second, as it turns out, is called "pink vanilla," and it's a combination of sugar, vanilla, and a hint of strawberry. The flavor is wonderful but not so fruity that it turns off young children. Cotton Candy Dum Dums have a lovely pale blue color and they taste like a delicious and layered combination of blue raspberry and pink vanilla flavors.  

1. Blu Rasberry

No, that's not a typo. Dum Dums gives the name of this lollipop a unique spelling by using the shortened moniker of "blu." And Blu Raspberry Dum Dums sure do set themselves apart from the crowd. According to the Dum Dums brand, this is the most popular flavor according to the results of public polling. This is hardly surprising, considering that this lollipop is a sweet and tangy delight. 

As one of the company's "classic" flavors, this Dum Dums choice has been delighting taste buds for generations.According to North Dakota State University, the blue raspberry flavor was created as a way for companies to distinguish raspberry flavors from other red flavors such as cherry. Over time, though, blue raspberry has taken on a flavor all its own. 

Dum Dums are offered in a lot of pink and red flavors, so it's no wonder that the brand hopped on the blue raspberry train. While Blu Raspberry Dum Dums do not taste like real raspberries, they are delicious, and we will always look to be the first choice in a mix.