Anthony 'Spice' Adams Names His Favorite Thing To Cook With Modelo - Exclusive

Former NFL football player Anthony "Spice" Adams is no stranger to the kitchen. As host of "The Great American Baking Show," Spice deftly handled high-stress kitchen situations while dishing it out with comedic timing. Now, Spice has partnered with rolled tortilla snack brand Takis and Modelo beer as part of their first-ever "Hand on a Hot Drop" event, where contestants compete to win a year's supply of Takis and Modelo. But if you're lucky enough to win, what could you possibly do with a year's supply of beer — other than drinking it, of course?

Thankfully, cooking with beer is an easy and delicious way to add flavor to your food. While he's typically in front of the kitchen and cameras, Spice still likes to break out the grill and do some cooking himself. In our exclusive interview with Spice, he gave us the details about his favorite thing to cook with Modelo.

There are a lot of options for using beer in food

Whether grilling, baking, or cooking in the kitchen, beer makes for an excellent addition to recipes. Cooking with beer is not a new idea, and when you have a versatile beer like Modelo, there are many options to choose from. In our interview, Anthony "Spice" Adams offered up some popular ways to incorporate Modelo into the recipe you're using. 

"I just had a conversation about different recipes that you can do with Modelos — you can put Modelo in cheese and you can do fondue, or you can put it on chicken or any other type of poultry or anything that you're going to be grilling with ... There's a whole bunch of options that you can explore this summer."

Cheese and beer are two of life's greatest joys. It's no wonder combining them would create a truly memorable cheese sauce. But that isn't Spice's go-to — so what is his favorite beer-based thing to cook with Modelo?

Spice Adams' favorite dish with Modelo

Spice Adams' favorite thing to cook with Modelo is a true summertime classic. "I like the beer can chicken. That's awesome to do," he said. For those who are unaware, beer can chicken is a style of cooking on the grill. The whole chicken is prepped, and at the final stage, a can of open beer is stuck into the chicken. The whole thing is then placed upright on the grill so the beer evaporates into the meat as it cooks.

Beer can chicken is a fun and somewhat unusual way to grill it, and it has many advantages. As Spice noted, "It's a great way of grilling, and ... a lot of times, if you put the chicken on the grill for too long, then it dries out. If you pair it with Modelo, then it's not dry at all, and it is very tasty." It may be a little more work than some other grilled chicken methods, but it is worth it. He added, "A lot of people like to do chicken wings and things like that, but to do a whole chicken, it is very rewarding."

For those interested in picking up a bottle of Modelo and trying their hand at Spice's favorite beer pairing, we have a recipe for Beer Can Chicken right here.