Caribou Coffee's Summer Deal Might Make Mondays A Little Less Painful

Imagine how a Friday morning feels — the sun seems brighter, the birds are chirpier, everyone is happier, and it almost feels like nothing could possibly faze you. For many, there are two whole days of doing absolutely nothing coming up and it's the best feeling after a long work week. Now imagine a Monday morning because it feels exactly the opposite — it's dull, dreadful, and some go as far to say it's the worst day of the week.

Although nothing can be done about the terrifying feeling that follows Mondays, there's one thing that certainly can make it a little less painful — coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. While Starbucks tackles Tuesdays with its half-price on cold beverage offers, there's one coffeehouse that has its eyes set on making Mondays a touch more bearable. Caribou Coffee kickstarted a summer promotion for caffeine lovers on July 11 where the coffeehouse will sell a different drink at discounted prices every Monday through mid-August (via PR Newswire).

You can enjoy a new drink every Monday

As part of the "MonDaymaker" promotion, Caribou Coffee will pick a new beverage to be the star of its deal each Monday (via PR Newswire). While the MonDaymaker drink changes every Monday, the selected beverage will be available in four sizes, all of which will be sold at discounted prices. Not including taxes and modifications, a small MonDaymaker drink will be $1, a medium will be $2, a large for $3, and for those who need a little extra to get their Mondays going, it's $4 for an XL drink. The deal is applicable at several Caribou Coffee locations nationwide and runs all day on Mondays until August 15.

The first round of drinks to kickstart the promotion on Monday, July 11 were the Raspberry Green Tea and Matcha Tea Cooler bubble teas. The following Monday (July 18), Caribou kept things simple with a classic hot or iced latte as its MonDaymaker drink. To see what's in store for the next week, fans will have to keep an eye on the chain's Instagram page where the chosen drink for the following Monday is announced. At least there's something to look forward to on a Monday now, hey?