Trader Joe's Returning Spicy Cheese Flavor Has Fans Excited

Whether it's a dish of baked brie at a party, bubbling mozzarella cheese on top of a pizza, a generous shaving of Parmesan on pasta, or a cheese board stacked with Gruyère and sharp cheddar, cheese is a gift to mankind in all its shapes and flavors. And just when you thought cheesemakers had already created all the varieties you thought possible, supermarkets like Trader Joe's continue to up the ante on their cheese selection.

As cheese sales continue to rise, statistics show that 20% of all dairy consumers in the U.S. make an extra effort to try dairy products at supermarkets with new and exciting flavors. This perhaps explains why Trader Joe's has taken its cheese selection up a notch. Shoppers have spotted innovative cheese flavors at the grocery chain over the last few months, all of which have one thing in common: heat. Examples include a spicy new cheddar cheese with scotch bonnet chili and red peppers, as well as the chain's Spicy Buffalo Cheddar sprinkled with habanero peppers. Yep, it seems to be raining spicy cheese at Trader Joe's.

Now, popular Instagram account @traderjoeslist has spotted another fiery cheese making the rounds at TJ's, and much to everyone's delight, it's a returning favorite that's back after a brief hiatus.

Shoppers have some spicy suggestions

For those who don't remember Trader Joes' Hatch Pepper Gouda, the cheese was introduced by Beemster in 2019 and then sold at Trader Joe's. Unfortunately, @traderjoeskitchen claims that the cheese was only available for the month of August at the supermarket, leaving shoppers with a small window to snag a bag of the creamy, hatch pepper-spiced cheese. Luckily for fans, the cheese is back this month.

Priced at $11.99/pound, the spicy cheese supposedly pairs well with a glass of Riesling, though @traderjoeslist posted that it tastes great with pretty much anything. Adding it to a cheese board is an obvious choice, but fans are particularly thrilled with the possibility of the peppery gouda cheese melting inside a crisp sandwich, creamy mac and cheese, or egg dishes. Shopper @traderjoeskitchen even uses the creamy gouda in stuffed peppers. One fan recommended trying the Hatch Pepper Gouda with Trader Joe's strawberry and jalapeño crisps. Another wrote, "It is outstanding. Hubs and I practically devoured the entire wedge last night with wine and TJ's everything crackers," reminding cheese lovers of another classic combination: wine, crackers, and a slice of the spicy cheese. "Goud" thing the possibilities here are endless!