The Fun Easter Egg Hidden On The Stranger Things Pizza Van

After the wrap of Season 4, "Stranger Things" has fans hungry for more episodes and pizza. El and the gang have fought monsters from the 'Upside Down' throughout the series and the highly anticipated Season 5 will be the cult-favorite show's last season (per Thrillist). While some fans who are anxiously awaiting the final season are theorizing possible Easter eggs, others have been satisfying their cravings with Surfer Boy pizza. Sadly, the surf-themed restaurant is not a reality in our dimension, but if you're already missing the "Stranger Things" gang, a fun Easter egg is just a phone call away.

Newcomer and pizza-maker extraordinaire Argyle, portrayed by Eduardo Franco, came to the aid of El this season, turning his much-loved Surfer-themed pizza shop into a make-shift sensory-deprivation tank. Argyle is as much a hero as he is funny. Franco's portrayal of the fun-loving character offered some much-needed comedic relief during the stressful two parts of Season 4 (via NY Times).

Call for 'Stranger Things' Pizza

Calling the number on the side of Argyle's surfboard-topped van will get you a pretty rad message. According to Mashable, fans on Twitter found that if you give a call to the number 805-45-PIZZA, Argyle's voice pops up on the other end of the line.

Argyle answers the phone with his not-so-short Surfer Boy Pizza greeting. In the long-winded message, Argyle lets us know that the pizza is made with all fresh ingredients, minus the pineapple. The fruit comes from a can, but he still recommends "try before you deny." Argyle isn't the only "Stranger Things" character that's hopped on the pineapple on the pizza train. Another fan-favorite "Stranger Things" star has an unusual pizza order, too.

Since the introduction of Surfer Boy Pizza and Argyle to the "Stranger Things" universe in Season 4, pizza has become the fan base's food obsession. Wal-Mart has even gone in on the craze by selling Surfer Boy frozen pizzas.