Trader Joe's Caramel Coffee Almonds Are Getting Mixed Reviews

You can't please everyone. Just ask Trader Joe's, whose fans usually like the chain's new offerings. But even this popular retailer doesn't get it right every time. While items like its Cauliflower Gnocchi and Everything But the Bagel Seasoning are longstanding favorites, others, like the Honey Walnut Shrimp and Kimchi Tofu Soup have received a hard pass from some of the Los Angeles-based chain's shoppers.

Two longtime offerings at TJ's stores are the Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds (via Spoon University) and the combination container of Premium Milk & Dark Chocolate Almonds. Why are these so popular? They're a classic blend of crunchy almonds and smooth, sweet chocolate (via Trader Joe's). Yum!

When TJ's came up with another take on the classic, sweet almond — Caramel Coffee Almonds — it undoubtedly sounded like a great idea. Who doesn't love caramel and coffee? In October 2021, customers said they were looking forward to trying the new item, responding to one Instagram post with comments like, "I've been waiting for these!!!!!" and "YES YES YES!!!!!!" How does the real thing live up to the expectations, though? The combination of almonds, sugar, butter, coffee powder, and salt were a disappointment, said some who have tried the nuts. According to the popular Instagram account Trader Joe's Food Reviews, the almonds are a missed opportunity. "These caramel coffee almonds were not nearly as good as I was expecting, sadly. The flavor sounded absolutely amazing, but I found these almonds to be pretty bland."

Mixed reviews for these nuts

Trader Joe's Food Reviews explained their disappointment with the brand's Caramel Coffee Almonds, saying the caramel flavor, which comes from butter and a sugary coating, was just too subtle, as was the coffee powder. "I was left wanting more," they wrote. Also, these nuts just didn't satisfy the poster's sweet tooth. "If I were wanting to eat a 'dessert' almond, I would pick the chocolate coconut almonds over these any day." Simply put, they "had room to be way better," they said.

Some followers agreed. Heashby commented, "I had such high hopes but I was so disappointed in these!" Sidesofchrissy agreed, "Tried them – boring – tasted burnt – couldn't taste the caramel at all." Others loved the almonds, including dkprough, who wrote, "Oh my goodness, my husband and I think these are the best almonds we've ever eaten!!! 10/10 for us! I hope you didn't get a bad batch." Lisacharlotte_ said, "I loved these so much[.] I thought they were flavorful! Stocked up on four bags."

Still others suggested pairings that made Caramel Coffee Almonds really enjoyable. Andrianaprivett said, "Not my fav to eat alone as a snack but what I do use them for is chopped up on top of the [frozen] açaí packets with agave and strawberry!" Downeastmainediva offered, "These are the best paired with stouts or porters. I also like to crush them on top of ice cream." To each their own. We think the ice cream pairing sounds great!