Sonic's Newest Treat Is A Fresh Take On A Classic Dessert

There is no denying that churros are having a moment. A carnival classic made of fried dough formed into a long and unique shape and covered in cinnamon sugar, the churro has been gaining in popularity for quite some time. According to Tastewise, data available in June 2022 suggested that churro consumption increased at a yearly rate of about 27%. During the height of COVID in 2020, the BBC noted that churros were among the most searched-for recipes on Google. And people have searched for this treat beyond the web as well.

At the beginning of 2021, Costco revived its twisty iteration of the churro, and lately, the pastry has also been making the rounds in other forms, with its flavor being incorporated into desserts in innovative ways. For instance, Insomnia Cookies recently released a state fair-inspired cookie collection, which included a Deluxe Filled Churro cookie. Last year, Carvel came out with a mini churro ice cream topping to go with its famous soft serve. With churros trending, perhaps it was only a matter of time before Sonic came out with something of its own.

Sonic is shaking things up with churros

According to a statement received by Mashed, Sonic will be bringing a Churro Shake to its menu. The chain, well-known for menu items like Cherry Limeade, mozzarella sticks, and Sonic Blasts, is ready to compete in the shake game with this limited-time flavor, which will be available at its drive-ins from August 1 – September 25. Sonic is also offering a special deal to online users, letting them try the item on July 25 if they order on the app. Joining the churro-flavored shake are the returning Bursting Bubbles, a bubble tea-like add-on for slushies and drinks that was covered back in March 2021 by Best Products.

Some might compare this new churro treat to other renditions. Shake Shack's Chocolate Churro Shake, which dropped earlier this year, contained "hand-spun cinnamon churro frozen custard" with spiced dark chocolate and cinnamon waffle cone crumbs (via Chew Boom). Disney's Churro Shake is made with "brown sugar cinnamon ice cream" and "cinnamon churro cereal" (via Disney Food Blog). By contrast, Sonic's version might be considered more understated. The press release reveals that the shake is a simple mix of vanilla ice cream, caramel, and cinnamon sugar, topped with "cinnamon sugar Churro, whipped topping, and a cherry." In addition, the chain is offering "dippable cinnamon sugar churros" for $1.49.