Trisha Yearwood's Little Party Animals Have Instagram Cracking Up

Trisha Yearwood is known for being a country music and Food Network star, but she is also an animal lover. The "Trisha's Southern Kitchen" host grew up with pets, particularly the dogs that did not make the cut as her dad's hunting partner (via Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection). When the singer was on tour, her rescue pup Roseanne kept her company on the bus as they traveled the country. In 2021, Yearwood started the nonprofit Dottie's Yard, which donates supplies to animal shelters across the country to help animals find their forever homes (via Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection). The organization is in honor of Yearwood's late rescue Dottie, who wandered up to her door in 2004.

Since Dottie's passing, the Food Network star has adopted two more rescues, Emmy and Millie, who were the inspiration for Yearwood's line of dog food that she started earlier this year (via People). Yearwood's passion for animals seems right up there with her passion for performing and food, so she shares her fur babies on her social media often, and her fans are all about it.

Trisha Yearwood's rescue pups look like they had a ruff night

Trisha Yearwood told People that her pets are part of her family, so not only does she feed them like family, but she posts photos of her furry friends on her social media often, like this adorable National Dog Day pic. She recently posted a throwback photo of her late pups Hank and Dottie on Instagram after some sort of puppy party that involved destroying a couch (pictured above). "Here's Dottie (on an eaten sofa!) and Hank, (below, totally passed out) after pulling an obvious all-nighter! Dawg, what a party," the singer wrote in the caption. Fans on Instagram were cracking up at the aftermath of the dogs' wild night.

"Oh man! We have been there with our doggies too. Looks like they had a party like the one in Sixteen Candles," commented one fan. "That's funny! Our pets keep us on our toes for sure," replied @wanda_fs1. Hank and Dottie were Yearwood's rescue dogs right before the pair she has now and although they apparently got into some mischief, Yearwood described Dottie as "one of the best dogs I've ever had the privilege of knowing" (via The Community Foundation).