The Internet Is Drooling Over Trader Joe's New Jamaican Beef Patties

Occasionally, Trader Joe's has launched items like Lemon Basil Pasta Salad, which disappointed Instagram users might call a dud. But often, shoppers love TJ's offerings, like its marinated mozzarella. Now, people on social media have added Trader Joe's frozen Jamaican Beef Patties to their "gotta try" list. While the name might seem to suggest burgers, a person whose taste buds have traveled to Jamaica could probably tell you that these are actually pastries stuffed with seasoned meat and vegetables. According to Culture Trip, this popular street food can contain not only beef but pork chicken, goat, lobster, shrimp, vegetables, or ackee, the national fruit of Jamaica. Trader Joe's packaging describes the patties as "spicy turnovers in flaky pastry."

The Instagram account Trader Joe's List just posted a photo of the new item, writing, "NEW JAMAICAN STYLE BEEF PATTIES ... I'm excited to sample these in next [week's] #traderjoes haul! ... The ingredients in the filling look absolutely delicious and like a melody of flavor!"

Others offered their two cents as well. Justlondie wrote, "These are extremely delicious. The flaky crust is show stopping. I'm pleased with these from TJ's. Very close to real Jamaican patties." Indiratedwards commented, "Tried them a couple days ago. Not bad. Not really spicy though." Thenameisgeorgedelano liked them, too. "Just had them and they're pretty good! Jamaican me crazy Trader Joe," they wrote. Ajyannajones's boyfriend "gave them a solid 8/10. Said they needed more spice but were nice and flaky!"

Reddit is talking TJ's patties, too

Trader Joe's Jamaican Beef Patties were a subject of discussion on Reddit as well. In the Subreddit "New Jamaican Beef Patties," Redditor u/Sc8rchck reminisced about the Costco Jamaican beef patties they ate as a child then went on to describe anxiously stocking up on the TJ's version as soon as they appeared in the freezer section. "Your girl CRIED," they wrote, adding "They. Are. Delicious!!!" The OP also wrote, "I will be buying as many as my freezer will fit, and look forward to trying it in my air fryer."

While some responders thought the pastries could have used more filling and are better when made with coco bread like the OGs in Jamaica, more commenters agreed with the OP's glowing assessment of these patties. Stickgirl05 wrote, "They are quite tasty!" AnimEtc said, "Grew up in SoFla and loved my patties! I don't think my store has these yet, but I'll definitely keep checking." Oceansofemotion made us cry a little: "My Jamaican partner raves over them and needs a pick me up after his Grandfather passed away today ... Deep freezer space will be made." MajorWhereas4842 offered, "The filling is delicious not overly spicy, crust is super flaky." They added, "Traditionally patties have a little sweetness to them and these don't. Other than that they are super delicious and glad I grabbed some!" Clearly, some people could not resist the call of these TJ's turnovers and might be covered in them right now.