The Specialty Cheeses Aldi Shoppers Are Raving About

Aldi has prided itself on selling a range of products to make sure its stores have something for everyone, according to their website. In 2021, Aldi's efforts were rewarded when it was deemed the U.S.'s most rapidly expanding grocery retailer (per Grocery Dive). Now, grocery store goers only need to pull up their social media to see exactly how popular the chain has become.

In fact, after Aldi announced the release of its Aldi PB&J bites on Instagram, users instantly fell in love with the nostalgia-filled snack. After an Instragammer dedicated content to Aldi about the store's sandwich-inspired dips, they too were met with a comment section filled with people expressing their overwhelming delight for the products. However, now a new set of Aldi items has shoppers on social media gearing up to return to the store so that they can try them out as soon as possible. This time, it's a set of specialty cheeses that has left Aldi's shoppers in an uproar.

Instagram is ready to treat itself to three of Aldi's specialty cheeses

One hyped-up Aldi fan showcased the Aldi emporium selection summer gouda assortment on Instagram. The assortment offers shoppers three different flavors: hot honey, spinach artichoke, and sriracha. Each package is filled with six ounces of cheese to use for your crackers and charcuterie boards, according to Aldi.

Many Aldi customers who have already tried the specialty cheese assortment left splendid reviews on the Instagram comment section. One wrote, "I eat the spinach and artichoke one on soooo many meals. And my husband really digs the hot honey!" A second suggested, "Sriracha gouda is amazing on a grilled cheese." Given the popularity of the set, one of these specialty cheeses may be a contender for Aldi's fan Hall of Fame. However, those who can't wait to try out these flavors in their mac and cheese will need to act fast. Aldi noted that its emporium gouda selection is seasonal and will only be available while supplies last (Aldi).